EBF- one larger breast

I have always had a larger breast... My little one is tongue tied and tore up the nipple of my smaller breast for the first week. I now use nipple shields on both nipples to help with breastfeeding.  The problem is that while the one nipple was damaged, I pumped that side and fed DD with the 'good breast.' Now I am feeding on both sides again but it seems like the smaller breast isn't satisfying him and when I pump I don't get very much out of it (like less than an ounce while the good breast gets like 2-3oz). 

I am worried that my supply on one side is goin away... I am starting him on the 'bad side' at each feeding as well as pumping butnitndoesnt seem to be helping. I am also worried about how asymmetrical my breasts look- one is significantly larger than the they.


Anyone else going through this...? 

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Re: EBF- one larger breast

  • I have no exerience with the asymmetry but I do have experience with the tongue tie. LO had a severe tt (to the tip of her tongue) that was clipped at 9 days old. BFing significantly improved after that due to the increased mobility of her tongue. Unfortunately she had already done so much damage to my nipples (bleeding, blistering, cracking) that it took another 2 weeks for me to recover and I am not an EPing as a result. Did you get LOs tongue clipped yet or is it not that severe? I would recommend speaking to the pedi about it if you have not done so already...
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  • I naturally have one side larger, too. It hasn't affected BFing.

    Pumping is not a great indicator of supply. Manual expression can help ensure you're emptying the breast. Dr. Jack Newman's books/articles may be helpful for you.

    Sorry I haven't experienced this - maybe LLL or an LC can give you some insight?

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  • You're on the right track: start each feed on the "low" side, pump a little extra on that side whenever you can. Pumping isn't a great way to show how things are going, though. A baby always does a better job than the pump. It can take a while to impact the supply - days at least, if not a week or so.

    My boobs are noticeably different sizes, worse now that I'm bfing, but either side seems to be enough for LO. No one but DH and I really notice. I hope no one else is staring at my boobs, anyway.

  • We decided not to clip... I have read several article and decided against it. The pediatrician said it was a mild case. 
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  • Thanks for the encouragement. The asymmetrical look bothers me more than anyone... Lol. I just feel like DD is never satisfied with the smaller side... And the bigger side is constantly engorged. I have been waiting to see if I could solve the problem myself before reaching out to my LC.
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