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Could extreme pressure and cramps be...

contractions? Last night while laying in bed watching a movie with my DH, I suddenly felt EXTREME pressure down there (past my pelvis,) Pressure that made me feel like I should be pushing something out(which I would never do) If felt kinda like when you have to poop really bad and its like a turtle head popping out, but mine was in the front.. Along with the pressure is serious cramping along my hips down to my Vag. area.. It wasnt across my lower abdominal area like menstrual cramps are( they are lower.) I was in tears and unable to speak or move while this was happening. It lasted off and on about 3 hours before I finally fell asleep, they were randomly time-able.I would have a series of them being between 4-7mins. apart and then 15 mins.later have another series. I woke up a few times during the night w/ the cramping.. And again this morning I am feeling crampy and crazy pressure.

What do you ladies think is going on? Could this be the start of labor? Should I call my Doc.?


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Re: Could extreme pressure and cramps be...

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