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For those of you approaching the end...

...are you nervous?! I am. And it doesn't even make sense. I've already had two, fabulous, non-intervention births yet I am starting to get terrified of the pain of PUSHING!! I don't mind labor at all. To me it's like interval training. A minute of bust your a*# pain and then a recovery- that I can do. But PUSHING, aarrrggghhhhh, nothing can prep you for that. It's all coming back to me. Vividly. I'm having a home waterbirth this time, so I hope the water helps. Thanks for letting me vent. Not many in my life understand this feeling...

 On a side note, I can't believe how many people (friends and strangers alike) are approaching me to ask when I am being induced and/or sectioned. REALLY??!! Birth in America. Tragic...

 Have a good day and send me some good labor vibes!!!

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Re: For those of you approaching the end...

  • That's funny, I'd much rather do the pushing part than the labor part.  I thought being in the tub made things a lot more bearable so hopefully you will too.  And I think anyone who isn't a little nervous going into a birth us crazy, no matter how many times you have done it before. GL!

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  • Thank goodness it's not just me.  I've also had two great (well one great and one good) natural births and I've never been nervous about them before.  But for some reason this time I'm nervous.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  I've done it twice, I know I can do it again, I know what to expect, but yet I'm nervous about giving birth for the first time ever.  Water definitely helped with my second!

    Oh and yes, the number of people asking what hospital I'm delivering at (I'm not, I'm delivering at a birth center), or when I'll be induced, or when they find out I'll be home 4-6 hours after delivering wonder how dangerous that is.  Sigh.  People's perceptions of birth are interesting to me because they just don't understand that it doesn't have to be in a hospital and it doesn't have to be scheduled and all that.

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  • I'm a first time mom and I am definitely a little nervous.  What if I can't take it or there is something beyond my control that gets in the way?  It scares me as I approach my due date that what if I need to be induced early for pre-e or high bp (not anything I have now).  Things like that scare me a bit.  I guess I am more afraid of my body not handling the end of pregnancy well more so than an actual intervention free natural birth. 

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  • I know exactly what you mean. I just had my second child last friday November 11th. It was at a birth center, completely natural. To me the laboring was not a big deal, until the pushing at the end. Those were the most intense 15-20 minutes I have ever gone through. But to help you out, just keeping thinking when pushing at the end you want the baby out now and YOU CAN DO IT!!! Women are made for this and no doubt its painful but that's why we are STRONG.

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  • That is interesting about the inducing question... My boss asked me how long they will let me go overdue and was shocked when I told him that my mw's play it by ear and with good results on NSTs that they won't induce based on date.

    Anyways, I am incredibly nervous for labor. The pushing isn't my biggest fear though. My biggest fear is a long labor like my first. - I support Newt Gingrich's idea of colonizing the moon if it'll help me get away from Newt Gingrich.

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  • Yes! The challenge of a med free birth both excited and terrifies me. I am also birthing in another country (Germany) so the language barrier definately has my anxiety raised a bit.

    How sad that people are asking when your induction date or c-section is. I was commenting on my BMB the other day how many women were being induced (for not very good reasons...) and I was shocked.

    I am very ready to meet our son, I just wish I somehow magically knew the day he was going to make his apperance! Smile

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  • I was more nervous for my 2nd than my first- I guess because I knew what was coming, lol.

    Pushing hurt, but I didn't push for long. It was the beginning of the "pushing phase" or whatever that got me with DS- feeling like you have to push, but you're not exactly ready. Yikes!

  • image mhickey12:

    ...are you nervous?! I

    YES!!  Feeling anxious right at this very moment, in fact.  Instead of having a "I've done it once, I can do it again" mentality, it's more like a "Oh my gosh, can I really do it again??"

    I think the answer is yes.  But it's a scary prospect.

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    Life is beautiful!

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  • This is our first baby and I'm definitely nervous! I'm mostly scared for the things that are completely out of my control. We've planned, have a great relationship with our mid-wife, have taken classes, read books, and my husband and I are on the same page. It's all the things I cannot prepare for that make me nervous. Everything so far in this pregnancy has been smooth and beautiful, I just hope things continue to go that way so that we can have the natural birth we are hoping for. 
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