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Acupuncture for induction

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am considering it....

I am torn about being medically induced next week if it doesnt happen between now and then.

Re: Acupuncture for induction

  • I was actually going to post the same thing on here today!!  
    First things first - curious why you're thinking about induction when you aren't even 41 weeks yet?  
    My due date was this past Sunday and I have an induction scheduled for Monday night so I will be past the 41 mark.  Since we have a large baby (and also probably because next week is Thanksgiving) my doctor is offering the induction then, though she thinks I will go any minute since I'm having lots of erratic contractions and because I'm already 3 cm dialated.  Since my body seems like it would be favorable for an induction, I'm not super stressed about the Pitocin but my midwife has suggested I try acupuncture.  She says it is most effective if it's done for three consecutive days in a row and that it's the most effective way of bringing on labor (she says walking, spicy food, etc are old wives tales).
    I personally think I'd rather be induced than schlep to get acupuncture because the place is not super close to my house, I don't feel like being stuck with needles, and I'd rather wait it out at home where I'm comfortable and hope I go into labor on my own...acupuncture would be unpleasant and stressful and I'd rather not spend my last few childless days feeling that anxiety.
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  • I did acupuncture with my first to try to turn her. She came 3 weeks early. I dont know if it was a result of the treatment or not. I also saw the chiropractor.
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  • I'm tying it tomorrow!  I've been going throughout the pregnancy to help with nausea.
  • I was just researching this tonight. Can't decide if it is worth it or not (it is kind of pricey and not all that well-researched to be proven effective) but I am definitely considering it.

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  • I'm doing it this afternoon. I'll keep you posted.
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  • I decided to wait a little longer and see what happens by Monday. I keep changing my mind if I would induce if given the choice by my Doctor. At this moment, I'll probably (maybe) not get induced. Lol As you can tell, its still up in the air!
  • I did it 4 days past my due date.  It didn't do a darn thing.  Didn't even help me dilate more or anything.  It might work better if your body is more ready though....I was 1cm and no effacement and was the same thing when I went in to be induced.  $75 down the drain in my opinion but it was worth a shot!  

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