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Tell me your IUI success stories.

Re: Tell me your IUI success stories.

  • Hello, there. ?I'd be interested in any responses too. ?You might also want to cross-post this in the "Success after IF" forum.
  • Well I'm not really sure what you want to know about but I'm an IUI success story I guess.  3 with 50mg Clomid ended in BFN's, the first combination Clomid/injectible IUI gave me my BFP.  Ovulated 3 eggs for sure, probably 4, and I'm now having twins.
  • I got lucky on my first one!! I did injectibles too...Gonal F and Ovidrel trigger.  I triggered 2 mature follicicles and was originally pregnant w/ twins. (lost baby b at 7wks). I had tried Clomid on it's own for 3 cycles w/ no luck. When I got to see an RE he moved me right up to the shots. 


    GOOD LUCK!!  


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