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humidifier ??

anyone have any luck with humidifiers?? I've done some research but would like some real advice on selecting one....Thanks!

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Re: humidifier ??

  • We have a basic Holmes one in LOs room and it works great. We got it from Target last year. 
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  • We had a Vicks from BRU and it was noisy and a pain to fill and clean. We ended up tossing it and bought the Honeywell germ free cool air. We bought it at Target. Super quiet, multiple settings for airflow and easy to clean and fill.

  • We have the GermGuardian 72hour one and I have no is a pain to fill up every once in a while but  its self-cleaning or something like silver technology keeps the germs down.  all you have to do to clean it is wipe the inside out if it seems to smell funny or rinse with clean water.  

    it was $$ though...registry item  Big Smile   I do use it for every nap and nighttime...its not loud but I kind of consider it like a white it works for us!

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  • We have the Crane Panda humidifier. It's quiet and doesn't saturate the floor (I think I heard complaints about that before). So far so good! We don't use it for every day use, just when she has a cold (like right now)
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  • When B got his first cold, we got the Vicks Starry Night cool mist humidifier. I HIGHLY recommend this one! You can put the vapo pads in to make the vicks smell up the room, breath nice & easy! It projects stars on the ceiling, but you can turn that off if you want.  It's super quiet, and the mist is so fine, it doesn't leave water marks on anything.  LOVE IT!


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  • We have the Holmes too...looks like a tea kettle. I was surprised how quiet it is and you can change the speed of the mist and the direction it points. We use it at night. DS is still in our room and I even noticed a difference in my allergies with sleeping with it on!
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