3rd Trimester

Seriously, I feel stupid even asking...

If what I'm feeling are contractions.

My doc confirmed that I had been having typical BH: occasional and temporary tightening and releasing of my uterus. Now they have become painful, and a few seconds after my belly tightens up I feel immense pressure and pinching in my lady parts, followed by a sensation that makes me feel like I have to pee (it disappears after a few seconds).

What I've been feeling start off like regular BH. They are not consistent or regular as far as timing. So are they just more intense BH? Or maybe it could be LO putting pressure on my insides...

Like I said, I feel stupid for having to ask, but I'm a FTM so I have no idea what to expect! TIA

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Re: Seriously, I feel stupid even asking...

  • The only difference between BH and "real" contractions is whether or not a baby comes out. BH will die down and stay inconsistent, contractions will keep going until baby time. 

    So the answer is yes, they're BH. And contractions. It could be feeling different because of baby's position.  

  • The nurse that is teaching my child birth classes said that if you think you might be having contractions but aren't sure you should empty your bladder, drink water, and lay on your left side (supported with pillows for comfort).  Usually if you're in false labor doing those things will stop the contractions.  If the baby's actually coming, the contractions won't stop.


  • I'm also a FTM and I get these too. It feels like I have to go #2 but when I sit on the toilet nothing happens. Usually walking it off helps or if I sway in place rocking LO to sleep that helps too, but the other night it went on for 2 hours straight. I seriously thought it was GO time. What I've read is that if the BH are timeable, then they are real contractions. The ones I experienced the other night weren't timeable so I didn't want to go to the hospital only to be sent home again. Mine usually happens in the middle of the nigh and wakes me from dead sleep. From one FTM to another HTH!
  • This was also happening to me last week.  I ended up going into L&D because I thought my water may have broken (or I peed my pants, yay!), and it turns out they were contractions.
  • Popping in. =]

    People always told me, when you are having a contraction, vs a BH.. you WILL know. Sometimes I would get BH, and I would be like.. hmm. maybe?

    When I got contractions before my LO was born, I KNEW they were contractions. A hard tight feeling in my belly, tons of pressure in my bottom, and shortness of breath. 

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  • That sounds exactly like my BH! I am waiting for them to stay consistent and become increasingly difficult to deal with.
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