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How do you keep your floors clean?

We are looking to replace our Swifter Wet Jet for something more eco and budget friendly.  The solution always leaves the floor slightly sticky and never seems quite clean, not to mention the cost of the pads/cleaner/etc.

Our budget doesn't allow for a steam cleaner right now, but we need a simple mopping solution as our 6 month old is about to start crawling everywhere.  I have checked out the Libman Freedom Spray Mop, O Cedar Spray mop, and the Rubbermaid Reveal but all have complaints of the sprayer breaking.

So how do you ladies keep your floors clean?  We need a solution soon, because our daughter isn't interested if our floors are clean enough to eat off of, she will just eat it anyway :-)

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Re: How do you keep your floors clean?

  • I have a refillable mop with a machine-washable pad from Libman. (Maybe it's the Freedom?) I use floor cleaner from Better Life called Simply Floored. For bathrooms, I just get down on my hands and knees and scrub/wipe.
  • I have wood floors throughout my whole house.... And I have had the rubbermaid reveal mop for a year now and LOVE IT ( no problems what so ever)!! I just use my "maid naturally" cleaner that I buy by the gallon from our natural food co-op. I love this cleaner because I don't have to worry about it being harmful to my LO even when he is following me everywhere when I am using it!

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  • I use a Rubbermaid Reveal most of the time, but I also bought some washable swiffer pads from etsy.  I often just spray the same mixture I use to clean with (water, vinegar, lemon oil) on the floor and clean with that when I'm just cleaning small areas.  
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  • I use a regular ol' microfiber mop on our wood floors. I get it damp with hot water/vinegar and run it all over the floors. It gets the floor clean without soaking the wood and it dries quickly.

    I mop the tile in the upstairs bathroom and downstairs with hot water/vinegar.

  • Rubbermaid reveal with vinegar and water.

    I have a shark steam mop but it's BROKEN. I'm not bitter.

  • I'm thinking of going back to plain old mop and bucket.  I've had two sharks and both have broken after a year of use. 

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  • We got a thing from the hardware store that looks like a swiffer, but it uses washable cloth pads. It has no "wet jet," but I shoot some Method squirt & dry on the floor myself and it works just fine. I use the almond scent to make the house smell nicer and get at least a couple dozen uses out of each pad before it needs to be replaced (you might be able to get even more; I have to do a lot of hard scrubbing motions because of pet mess). I think the pads cost about $5 each, too, which isn't bad at all compared to what a box of disposable swiffer pads will run you.


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  • I wish I could afford a steam cleaner too. Maybe you can ask one for the next gift giving holiday? I like Sound Earth products (non-toxic and socially conscious small business) and vinegar for my cleaning.

    We just moved into our house earlier this year and the floors in the main living areas are gross. Old linoleum and carpet in two rooms that just won;t get any cleaner no matter what we try. I'm hoping to be able to afford some sort of new floors before baby can crawl.

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  • I just got a Libman and I love it. It was cheap, has washable pads, and you put in your own solution. I use vinegar and warm water on my wood floors.

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  • We use Murphy's Oil Soap and it works well. I like it because it is safe for the wood floors and still works great on our tile floors.
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  • Our Steam Cleaner came from target and cost about $40. It's a heck of alot cheaper than a Swiffer or anything with disposable cloths and it only uses water. It is totally worth it. We have NO carpet in our house so we use it throughout.
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  • I have a plain swiffer stick and tuck the corners of washcloths into the little gripper hole things.  I spray a vinegar/water solution and wipe it up with the swiffer and when I'm done I just toss the washcloth into the pile with the rest of my cleaning cloths.  Works great.

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