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Flying with the BOB Duallie?

We are going to the Caribbean with my MIL for Christmas vacation and I really would love to have our BOB there. I am interested in gate-checking it, but worried that it will still be damaged or will be too cumbersome. We have a connecting flight in Philadelphia too. I can't find any bags online to cover it to protect from stains, etc. Any advice or experience?
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Re: Flying with the BOB Duallie?

  • FYI some airlines don't let you gate check jogging strollers anymore- might want to call the airline to check.  We gate check our city mini but we also have the travel bag for it- I'd def look for a bag for your double!
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  • I've checked larger strollers than this (Chariot in a carry bag), BUT, I know that to the Carribean and other destinations departing from where we are (on some airlines), you are restricted with some items and strollers was one. Check with the airline or on their website to make sure this works. Can't remember seeing a travel bag for the Bob, but try a Chariot bag, it might be big enough.

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  • Since you NEED it for your trip, I would gate check it if possible rather than at the ticket counter, less of a chance of it getting lost.

    I think BOB makes a travel bag, but it's $$$.  I'm sure there is a generic bag out there that would fit.  That said, I don't use a bag with my stroller and they've always come back fine.

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