TMI - how long till you pooped?

I'm just wondering how long it was until you pooped after your c/s.  I had my c/s Thursday & I still haven't gone yet.  I'm terrified to.  I've been taking 2-3 Colace every day, and trying to space out the percocet longer, and drinking lots of water.  But I'm in a lot of pain, mostly where I have this enormous bruise on my pelvis.  My 3 y/o has been such a nightmare since we had the baby that between her & all the screaming & tantrums & trying like a maniac to keep her from hurting the baby with her roughness, and trying to make breastfeeding work, and no sleep at ALL, and not being able to nap when the baby naps because of the 3 year old, and my horribly swollen feet which I haven't been able to put up at all....Well, with all that stress, I haven't been able to relax enough to poop!

DH just took the 3 y/o out to the store.  I'm alone with the baby, and I have about an hour to try & poop & shower before they get home & the chaos returns & the lactation consultant comes to my house 1/2 hour later.  Takeout for dinner tonight, I guess.


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Re: TMI - how long till you pooped?

  • 5 days.
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  • 5 days the first c/s.  3 days the second c/s.
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  • 5 the first one and 3 the second.  However I only pooped after  three days because I took a suppository.  I refused to be in that much pain again.  If  you can't go soon I would send your husband to the store for suppositories and KY jelly becasue stool softeners weren't working for me at all.  I was so glad I did too because I got relief within 30 minutes. 

  • 3 days
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  • WOW bless yalls hearts!! This is my 3rd, my first 2 were vaginal, this one is questionable... he doesnt seem to want to flipp over... Im supposed to be induced on 11/28 and with my little man being a typical stubborn man it looks as though CS is in the works :( Im scared.

    I have to agree with stw_77 on the suppositories! That has to be torture.

    P.S. It's NEVER TMI! You have to ask these things to get some advise. ;)

  • I had the twins on a Tuesday morning and pooped Friday afternoon. Drink lots of water. The more dehydrated you are, the harder it will be to poop. Try not to strain, just sit and relax on the toilet and let your body and gravity do its thing.
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  • I had a really watery poop (gross!) 2 days after while still in the hospital. They gave me stool softeners and I drank a ton of liquid.
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  • I think with my first was 6-7 days and about the same with my second.  I am refusing to EVER feel like that again and have already talked to my doctor about starting stuff before the section and being a little more proactive with it afterwards. 

    I agree...get some suppositories.  They work wonders.  Once you get things moving, you should be fine.  

    Good luck...hope you feel better soon.



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  • Hmm... that was requirement to even leave the hospital after my C/S... or maybe it was just to pass gas and pee...it's seems so long ago and is still a bit of a blurr. I had issues after my c/s and ended up in an Anti-pardum room first. So i had a couple different things running through an IV plus pain meds. My memory of the whole hospital time is not real clear to me.
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  • After my first c/s, it took 9 days and was absolute torture.  This time my nurse was pumping me full of stool softeners and she force-fed me prunce juice.  I went the day  after DS was born.  I continued to take stool softeners, Miralax and Slow Fe (iron supplement that doesn't have the constipation side effect) and so far things have been moving well.  Does drinking a cup of coffee work for you? 
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  • I had my c-section on Friday and went this afternoon. Best feeling ever.  I ate lots of fiber in the hospital and drank tons of water. I kept thinking it would happen there but I'm shy about that and as soon as I got home I was able to 
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  • I've had many issues with pooping...after c/s #1 it was about a week before I pooped.  With #2, it was just shy of 2 weeks.  With #2, I started taking stool softeners (colace and senekot) daily before my section.  I took them both regularly afterwards as well.  After a week, I added bisacodyl along with the other 2 pills.  Then shortly after that I added milk of magnesia...that finally made me go.  It was such a relief.  If I hadn't gone after the MOM, then I was gonna send DH out for an enema.  I don't know why it took so much for me to go, but it did.  It sucked.  I wasn't taking many pain meds either...
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  • I finally went the last day in the hospital. So, 5 days.  It was a VERY small amount, and it took FOREVER to get it out, but I was just glad it was something! It was not pleasant trying to go, but you don't want to wait too long or you could have other issues! Good Luck!


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  • A week, I think. Then it was another 3 days after that before I went again. 
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  • Ok, well I went a little yesterday, but not a lot.  I've been taking 3 Colace a day and drinking lots of water (I drank almost a gallon yesterday!).  I had Kashi cereal for lunch today, which under normal circumstances I can't eat because it gives me diarrhea.  Maybe that will help Stick out tongue
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  • Again, if you don't go today I suggest suppositories.  I know, I know I too was hesitant to use them and thought if I just drank more water / juice / benefiber/ stool softeners whatever; I would go.  After a few days I said " screw it give me a suppository."  I was so glad I did.  Instead of having to wait hours or days I went within 30 minutes.  If I have another c-section I won't wait long to take a suppository.  There is no need for me to be that uncomfortable again.
  • 4days...

    The nurse laced me with a poop pill hahaha. Because I had passed gas in the hospital they weren't worried. But on the day I was discharged she gave me a cup of pills (me believing the normal pain/colace mix) and by the time I got home I had to go.

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  • It was almost a week, about 5 days I think.  I was beginning to wonder if I ever would but yes it comes!  I would NOT try to go; either you have to or you don't.  Now's not the time to be straining. 
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  • I was in the hospital for 3 days after my c/s and didn't poop the whole time I was there. The morning of the day I was supposed to be discharged the nurse came in and asked if I had pooped since the c/s. When I told her I hadn't, she actually told me I wasn't allowed to leave until I did. Four hours later I still hadn't gone so she told me she would have to give me an Enema (sp?). Totally DIDN'T want one, but TOTALLY glad I got it because I honestly felt better! Plus, I never had any problems going after that.

    I know it's NOT something ANYONE would wanna do, but if the Colace isn't or doesn't work, maybe you should by an OTC Enema (sp?) and see if that works. I bet it will and trust me, you'll feel SOOOO much better...

    GL Momma!

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  • They gave me milk of magnesia at the hospital on day 3 when i complained of being uncomfortable.  it was also stressful going at the hospital with the constant people coming into my room to check on me, etc.  It was not pretty.  I didn't realize how much breastfeeding can dehydrate, so drink lots of water, eat lots of fiber and check with your doc to see if you can take something.  Colace never worked for me.  I also stopped taking percocet after returning home because the pain of pooping was so bad.  :)  I just took ibprophen.
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  • 3 days. I was given stool softeners in the hospital and would also have a cup of coffee in the morning which I think helped.
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  • I had the baby on a Thursday morning and didn't go until Saturday afternoon.  But before that I hadn't gone since Wednesday morning, so I was pretty uncomfortable.  It was hard because my pushing reflex hadn't really come back yet.  I used a towel across my incision, which helped to have some pressure.  Be sure to drink lots of water and get up and walking around.  My mom and I walked the halls for a little while and that seemed to help get things moving. 
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  • it isn't bad, don't worry.  the stool softeners REALLY work, there wasn't any pain for me.  i think it was about 5 days. 
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  • A week, and it was one of the most awful experiences ever. I will definitely take suppositories this time if I need to. I didn't even think about them last time.
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  • I have LO at 5:20 on a Tuesday night and didn't have my first bowel movement till Saturday night. It was absolutely awful, so hard and painful, even after 3 days of Senokot-S. If I have another baby, it'll be via RCS, and I plan to start taking my stool softeners several days before surgery to avoid that kind of pain again.


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  • This all sounds like me! With my first, it took I think 4 or 5 days, and when I finally pooped, it was the most painful thing ever. It seriously felt like giving birth. Don't judge me, but I couldn't even flush it right away because it was so big and thick. My husband walked in right after I went and said 'Holy crap that's the biggest poop I've ever seen.'Embarrassed I was mortifiied. I remember thinking, this must be what child birth feels like. IT took me about an hour to get out.

    That said, I don't think i'd been taking my stool softeners consistently. With child #2 and 3, I took my softeners and it was much better. It still took a couple days and when it finally came I spent a good 30-40 minutes on the pot, but it didn't hurt near as bad.

    Take your softeners and you'll be fine!



  • 3 days. Hospital wouldn't let me leave without a bowel movement so I had to have a suppository. It was both torture and sweet relief at the same time.
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