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Contractions in water vs. in a bed

I was just wondering if there was anyone who has tried a water birth and has also given birth out of a tub that could tell me how contractions compare. I've heard that being in the water helps with pain but im just curious as to how much really. I decided on a water birth in my home but the closer i get the more nervous i get about not having the option to get an Epi. I'm afraid the water will not ease me enough and i will be to the point of passing out from the pain. I know it's not good to think this way but it makes it even harder when you have people pleading for you to do it in the hopstial rather than at home. Any feedback on this subject is appreciated, i'm going crazy and getting knots in my stomach thinking about the final day.
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Re: Contractions in water vs. in a bed

  • I haven't given birth in the water but I labored in the water before going to the hospital.  Don't lie down to labor through contractions, it makes it 1000 times more difficult to power through a contraction.  Water does help a lot with the pain.

    If you want a home birth, go for it.   

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  • The water helps relax your body and the warmness really helps. I didn't give birth in water but just laboring in it helped.
  • You should not get to a point where you will pass out. You CAN do it without an epi. It's hard work, but you should get a break between contractions, and if you haven't, I would suggest looking into breathing/relaxation techniques.

    Water helps tremendously. I labored in the tub for a bit last time, and it helped ease the discomfort for sure. It's likely going to be painful, but not unbearable. And once you think it's getting unbearable, you're likely almost done.

    Have you looked up any "birth affirmations" or anything like that? Those may be helfpul. Also, reading homebirth birth stories might help as well.

    It's okay to be nervous about this. I've done it twice and am still nervous! But it's soooooo worth it. Good luck!!

  • I'm also hoping for a water birth but this is my first so I am no help. I know being in my bath tub did help with my preterm contractions, but I wasn't yet in active labor. If you haven't already, check out the natural birth board on here. The ladies there are really positive and supportive and many of them have had home water births. GL!!
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