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Some questions for those with LOs who are almost 2 (20 months+)...

Does your LO know their colors? If you ask them "What color is your shirt?" or "What color is the ball?", do they answer with the correct color?

Also, if you ask "Which block is blue?" or "Can you please give me the red block?" are they able to give you the correct color?

Should I be concerned if my LO is unable to do any of these things and always gives the color "yellow" as an answer?


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Re: Some questions for those with LOs who are almost 2 (20 months+)...

  • No. My DS does not know his colors. Or numbers. Or letters. If I ask him to give me the blue car... He mostly does but I'm not 100% it's not just a lucky guess because he doesn't get it every time.
  • DD is just now starting to know her colors.  She's right about 40% of the time.  Usually once we run through the colors once, she'll be able to say them, pick them out, etc. correctly.  And DD also gives "red" as her standard answer until she gets the right answers going.  I wouldn't be worried at this point.  It took several weeks to a month of talking about them before she started recognizing and saying them.
  • DD doesn't know her colors yet either.  We are working on them though.  We always used to get the answer yellow but recently she switched her answer to green.  Wink 


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  • OCCASIONALLY, S will get the right color with the right thing. But more often than not, the answer is green. 
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  • DS does pretty good with his colors.  He will tell me the color of his shirt, my shirt, his cup, his bowl...etc...even if I don't ask.  That said...

    1. They spend a lot of time on it at daycare.

    2. He's not right 100% of the time (mixes up Blue & Purple, Red & Pink a lot)

    3. A lot of times he knows it because it's the same object he's seen multiple times, so I think he memorizes that this is his red cup.  When pointing to something new he's never seen before, his accuracy goes down a lot.

    4. That's all happened in the last few weeks.  Before that, everything was yellow! 

  • Ryan knows all of his colors, but verbally calls everything blue. Rarely he'll say purple or green.

    But if you ask him to find the red, brown, orange, etc... block he finds the right one. He just likes to say blue!

    He's just now getting the concept of counting. We always tell he him he only gets 1 vitamin so he holds up 1 finger. He loves them! Lately he holds up any where from 3 to 5 fingers, indicating he wants more! But he doesn't really get the numbers concept yet.

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  • According to DD, everything is red.  :)  We're working on colors, numbers, letters right now.  She will repeat the name of the color after I tell her what it is, but she never says the right color when asked (unless the item is red).  :)  She does seem to recognize the letter "X" for some reason.  And she sings "ABC" and counts "1,2" but that's as far as we've gotten.  It's a lot to take in at this age, so I'm not worried.  I'm sure it'll take a while. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • Ok, I feel a little better, just from the first few responses. My daughter is pretty verbal and she can say all of the colors, but just doesn't seem interested in identifying the colors. She's totally content with her "yellow" answer, lol! I've been working with her for a little bit every evening (not really pushing her, just playing with her toys and asking lots of color questions) for a couple weeks now and she just doesn't seem to be understanding the color concept.

    Answer me this:

    Is it weird that since my daughter is advanced in her verbal skills, I worry that I might be overlooking other areas where she is behind? (does that make sense?)

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  • image Singingmama:

    Does your LO know their colors? If you ask them "What color is your shirt?" or "What color is the ball?", do they answer with the correct color?

    Also, if you ask "Which block is blue?" or "Can you please give me the red block?" are they able to give you the correct color?

    Should I be concerned if my LO is unable to do any of these things and always gives the color "yellow" as an answer?


    My ds turned 20 months November 12th and he is the same although instead of yellow he says blue. I wouldn't worry at this age at all. Just keep telling lo the correct color and in time lo should get it.

  • He knows the words of different colors, but not the actual color.  But I think he has the concept that it is a color as oposed to an object, if that makes sense.
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  • My daughter does know colors and letters, but I don't think she did at 20 months. I'm trying to remember when she started saying the right color for things instead of "green," which was her answer for everything for awhile. Maybe 22 months or so? I wouldn't be concerned at all.
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  • We are working on it. No she doesn't know her colors. Everything is either pink, purple or blue.
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  • I would be thrilled if DS did that, but he only has 3-4 words at all. We just learned we will soon be starting EI.

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  • Ha ha... usually everything is always green or blue but she's getting better.  She isn't always right but sometimes she is... she's 20 months.

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  • if it's just me and her, she sometimes answers these type of questions correctly, sometimes not. if there are others around out of the norm (beside me and DH), she can answer these types of questions almost always correctly.

    honestly, i wouldn't worry about it so much right now. they're still young and learning so much.

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  • My daughter is 21.5 months now, and really in the last week has seemed to start to actually GET colors. Previously, she'd mostly also answer yellow to anything, and point out yellow things, or purple things. I'd say she was wrong like 50% of the time. In the last week she is actually correct the majority of the time and has been able to identify maybe 8 or so colors pretty well.

    She LOVES to color so she talks about colors quite a bit lately, I'm sure that helps.

    I would not be concerned at all for quite some time if your kid isn't quite getting it. My neighbor has a 26 month old who is probably about the same as my kid but still isn't 100% getting it.

  • No, there is no need to be concerned.

    My DS knew his colors right around when he turned 2 and I remember his speech therapist saying that was early to know that.  My DD doesn't know any colors.  I think she attempted to say purple yesterday while pointing my DS eating a grape ice pop, but it wasn't 100% intelligible.

  • We have a color sorter toy that DD has been able to accurately sort for a few months now but she is only just naming the colors accurately and then only some.  Most times she still guess that something is purple if you ask her what color it is Wink  With that said, the colors she is pretty accurate about when she isn't guessing purple are: purple, blue, brown, orange.
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  • She does know her colors but wasn't interested until about 21 months. Right around that time she started also counting and also picking out letters from the alphabet. "where is the letter O? What sound does O make"

    I saw a huge leap between 21 months-24 months. We often play "I see a ____ color car" which helps her language and keeps her from waking up her brother if he is sleeping. 

    I wouldn't worry if your LO isn't there yet.  Each child develops differently. My DD has NO interest in kicking a ball or climbing onto a tricycle.   

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  • I think that color knowledge typically comes around 3. Are there kids that are 20 month old that know colors? Sure, but it isn't that common.

    My daughter knows the color names but can't tell you if something is red or blue. We usually get blue as the answer every time.

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  • DS is 23 months and is just now starting to get the hang of colors. Like, within the last week. Previously, *everything* was blue.

    He still answers blue quite a bit, but if I ask him again, he often gets it right. He knows green, red, yellow, and purple. And blue, of course.

    If I ask him to point to a specific color, sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. I'm not concerned. He'll get them eventually.

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  • My son is 20 months and only says 8 -10 words.  I talked to the ped dr at his 18 month visit and she said it is perfectly normal.  He did sign language around 5 or 6 months, but just the basics.  Same with my older son, dr said he would talk more around 3 yrs old, and it was like overnight he started saying full sentences.  I am not worried about it, I will point out colors and the letters in his name, but he really is not old enough to say all his colors, let alone get them all correct.  What's cute is when its TV time after dinner while I do school work with his brother, I say what do you want to watch and he either puckers his mouth making bubble noise (bubble guppies) or grabs his ming-ming toy and points to it (wonderpets). 
  • Kennedi knows her colors, but she insists on telling me everything is green because she likes saying it and she thinks its funny. But she'll do them all right for her daddy.
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  • No.  He can say "yellow" and "blue" but can't identify colors or pick out a certain color of item.  I'm not worried.
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  • Not at all, in fact, it's great that he answers yellow, even it's actually the wrong answer.  It's really early for kids to know their colors, of which knowing colors is really about memorizing.  We talk about colors, but my LO doesn't know them yet, and I'm not worried. 
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