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Nursery Furniture--Opinions please!

This weekend we went shopping for baby furniture and I'm stuck between 2 options!  They are both convertible cribs but if/when we have more babies we will just convert it back to a crib~so I want something that would work for boys AND girls.  Initially I was thinking white, but now think that dark wood may have more long-term appeal plus it really makes bedding colors "pop."  Also, I feel it lets me get away with a little more stylized crib but still have it be boyish.  On the Bellini crib, I like the little details, the acorn leaf accents and the spindles in the front.  The Natart crib is very classic and meets extra environmental safety standards.  Take a look and tell me which you prefer!  If anyone has either of these brands, I'd love any type of review/feedback on them as well.  Thanks so much!  
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Re: Nursery Furniture--Opinions please!

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