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baby is sick :(

she's never been sick before

i've had a cold for about a week and yesterday finally felt better....and yesterday she started coughing. of course...

 i had body aches and felt pretty much horrible, im assuming she feels this way as well. so i gave her some infant tylenol today and she perked right up and seemed fine for a few hours except the coughing. anything else i can do that will help with the coughing?

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Re: baby is sick :(

  • A humidifier works really well. I also use baby Vicks rub on LOs chest.
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  • I don't think you can do much other than the Tylenol. We've been using the baby rub (like vick's) on DS's chest and have the humidifier going in his room but nothing seems to help with the cough. Sad
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  • vicks ! i didnt think of that! thanks!
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  • My son has had a cough for a couple MONTHS and it's incredibly annoying at this point. He gets sick pretty often b/c he's in day care and believe me, I have taken him to the doctor EVERY time just to be told it's a cold - he's even been x-rayed for pneumonia and he's clear. So my doctor cleared us to use Mucinex. It's a pretty small amount but we noticed an improvement while using it. We only give it to him at night when he is trying to sleep b/c he literally coughs all night, and we get zero sleep (he sleeps through it somehow). Anyway, I think it's b/c he weighs a certain amount (he's 24 pounds) but maybe you can ask your doctor how they feel about that.
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  • You will soon see that there is little to do for baby colds, meds wise. I second all of the PP advice.
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  • Vicks, humidifier, and pedia care gentle vapors waterless vaporizer - you plug it in and it has these scent pads that release menthol, eucalyptus, etc.  I thought it really helped...
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