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Did your baby suck their thumb?

DS sucks his thumb. I'm totally fine with it right now (and even think it's kind of cute), but I'm afraid that if I let him do it he will create a habit that I can't break. I don't want him sucking his thumb when he starts to get teeth. Am I overthinking this? Should I try to get him to stop? How?

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Re: Did your baby suck their thumb?

  • This is one of those questions were you will get answers all over the board - why to try to get him to stop, why it is better than a pacifier, why it doesn't matter, etc.  So, you just have to decide what you want to do - I hate that answer - sorry I just gave it to you!

    It is pretty dang hard to get a little thumb sucker to stop.  No cognitive motivation to help you and instinct/habit/self soothing working against you.

    Some people claim thumb is better because they can't ever lose it/it is always available.  Others say that is the biggest problem with it!  Sucking doesn't guarantee that teeth will be affected when they come in.  Although it definitely increases the chance of issues with dentition as well as encouraging a tongue thrusting behavior possibly longer than developmentally "normal" - and tongue thrusts and related teeth and speech issues are stubborn and tricky to overcome.

    Honestly, there is no right or best answer here.  And I just think that stopping his thumb sucking is a battle that you aren't likely to win.


  • Yes, both of my kids suck their thumbs, and no, there isn't really anything you can do about it.  Most kids stop between the ages of 3 and 5 when they've learned other methods of soothing.
  • My little man sucks his thumb. I didn't like the idea of a soother and so instead he learnt to suck his thumb. I like that I didn't have to go into his room to pick up a soother that keeps falling out of his mouth. His thumb was always there but there is a down side to it as I can never take a thumb away unlike a soother! He is 20 months now and still sucks his thumb to sooth himself if he gets upset or is tired. So it's not all the time for no reason which is good. I just keep saying well I guess we are investing in braces when he is older. I hope not but I have yet to come up with or read any suggestions to stop him. I just hope his teeth are not greatly affected by him sucking his thumb!
  • My DD is 2.5 and still sucks her thumb regularly.  I'm not worried about it at all.
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  • I sucked my thumb for a really long time. It ended up making me need braces for 4 years and I had a huge callous on my thumb made by my teeth. I really don't think there's much you can do :/ but this is why I was petrified of DS getting hooked on the thumb. So far he doesn't use a thumb or a paci but he may take to his thumb when he weans. We'll see...
  • He does every blue moon, but not constantly. I was a thumb sucker and it took me years to get over it. My mom would always threaten to put hot sauce on my thumb once I was about 8, lol. Don't judge me! After she said that, I was totally done. She scared me.

    I understand you can't say that to your LO at this age and not that you would once he was old enough. I can see where some people think it was harsh of my mother, but it definitely worked. 

    I think its just a phase because my sister did it for a little longer than I did, but just quit doing it one day. GL! 

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  • DD1 was a thumbsucker. She gave up on the paci at 4 months when she discovered her thumb. It was easy, and always there for her. We never had to worry about losing it, and she actually didn't suck it all the time.

    As she got older, around 2 and up, we noticed it really only started to come up when she was tired. We just went to the dentist a few months ago, her first appt. She does have some issues w/her bite, from sucking it, but the dentist is optimistic that if she stops sucking things can be resolved.

     I asked the dentist to speak to her about stopping sucking her thumb. The dentist told her about "germs" and how they are spread, and how sucking her thumb could make the germs go into her belly and make her sick. No lie, that conversation was it.

    She stopped cold turkey that day, and hasn't looked back.  

    DD2 is a paci kid. However, she only uses it in the crib for nap/bedtime. I plan to take it away around her 2nd b-day.

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  • Thanks ya'll. I guess, at this point, it's not something I can control anyway...

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