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Who has started exercising?

I am 5 weeks PP and my dr has cleared me for non-strenuous exercise. I want to start going walking but between feeding, diaper changes, exhaustion, and avoiding LO getting sunburnt, I have no time!  

When do you exercise?  do you take LO with you?




Re: Who has started exercising?

  • I have been walking as much as i can before it gets to cold and i started back at the gym when i was 6 weeks pp, i have more energy now than i did before, i have my mom or his dad watch him while im there it's only 2 hours so it's my "me time"
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  • I'm in MN so by the time I can exercise it will be too cold to go outside.  I have a few of the Walk Off the Pounds DVDs and they are low impact and go by pretty quick.  I can do anywhere frm 1-5 miles depending on how I feel.
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  • So far I walk a mile a day with LO in stroller. I'd like to start running but waiting for my 6 wk f/u to ck with my Dr. 
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  • I started walking one week pp. I started running at 4.5 weeks after my appointment. I don't have a lot of time for it, so I have been doing a Jillian Micheals video in the morning when she takes a long nap. I also try to fit in addition strength training during the nap. In the afternoon, I sometimes take a walk with LO in the car seat/stroller combo. She naps or looks around.

    It is hard to get a workout in - I don't' do it every day. 

  • I started running when LBB was 3 weeks old.  DH took off the entire month of October, so when I started back, DH was home to watch the baby.

    Now that DH is back at work, I've had to compromise with my running  I prefer to run outside, but it's so dark when he gets home from work. So I do my longer runs on the weekend outside, and during the week I go to the gym when he gets home from work and run on the treadmill.  I added strength training back in this week since I'm going to the gym anyway.

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  • I'm 4 weeks pp and have been doing some light exercise.  I take the long way around the block to get the mail everyday (so instead of walking 4 minutes, it takes me 20 minutes) and I have a rowing machine that I use for about 15 minutes that I try to sneak in when LO is napping or DH is sleeping with LO.  
  • We took DD for walks starting the day we got out of the hospital! Just keep them covered you should be fine. Now I work out in our basement, we have weights, power rack, yoga dvds, elliptical, and I do a lot of body weight training. So DD just hangs out in her swing watching us.
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  • I had a C-section so it took a few weeks before I could go on a decent walk. Now I take the baby for atleast a mile walk as often as the weather permits. We also go to the mall, target etc and that walking counts. I use the snap and go as often as possible.

    I just started back at the gym yesterday and it felt great. My husband and I will take turns going until he is old enough to go to the in gym daycare. I feel that it is very important to carve out some time to exercise every day for my mental well being!!!
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  • I don't do a whole lot, but I have a Moby wrap for DD, and when she's passed out in it I do some of the exercises (squats, lunges, etc.) that are recommended in the book that came with the Moby.  Not much like I said, but something.  
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  • I agree it's so hard to find time and energy for it.  Between work schedules, taking care of baby, cleaning house, running errands, etc. a girl is exhausted!  Not trying to make excuses but it's hard when the hubby works shift work with long hours and you have no one to watch the little one for you.  I'm also fixing to go back to work, this is the longest I've went without faithfully exercising in a long time and it's a bit depressing but I try to do small workouts here and there.  Try not to get discouraged, don't be too hard on yourself.
  • I started taking a low impact aerobic class twice a week.  I feed him in the early evening and leave him with DH while I'm gone, about an hour or so.  I'm always home for the next feed and I feel so much better since I started a week ago.
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  • We also started doing walks the day we came home from the hospital. We put baby in the carrier and go on hikes with our toddler. We normally do a few miles... maybe 2-3.


    I will be cleared this week for exercise and plan on starting to run again, on the treadmill.


    About it, though. Other than running 3-4x weekly, I've never been very big on exercise long term-wise. 

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