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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Play House

I'm looking at getting DS this for Christmas, but I want to get some reviews before we make the purchase. Do any of your LO's have this, and what do you think about it?

Thanks, ladies!

Re: Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Play House

  • Anyone I've asked have said their LO's love them, and I hope this is true because we bought ours for their Christmas gift last week!



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  • I've had DD's in the attic since before she was born. It has awesome reviews, but I haven't pulled it out yet.
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  • We bought it for ds1 for his first Christmas so we've had ours for for a few years.  He LOVED it when he was younger and played with it on a daily basis.  Ds2 is playing with it now and, while he's too young to really 'play' with it, he loves the balls, shapes and letters and likes turning the light switch on and off.  My oldest is suddenly interested in it again too.  Definitely worth it in my book. 

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  • my 11month old loves it!!  It has so many things on that house for him.  His 4yr old cousins really likes it too.


  • Definitely worth it.  This is one of the only toys we have that gets played with on a daily basis.
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  • We bought ours used for $4. It didn't have any of the shapes or balls, but we got replacements for around $5 +shipping. G absolutely loves it & plays with it daily. I don't know how much full price would've been but its definitely one of the best toys he's gotten so far.

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  • DS is 11 mths and loves it! We got it from a resale shop for $30 and it was practically new with all the balls and pieces of mail and shapes included. He loves sitting and opening and closing doors right now so he has his own little door to play with now. And he loves ringing the doorbell and turning the light on and off.

    If I hadn't found it at the resale shop, I still would have paid full price for it, and I'm sure he will get good use out of it.  


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  • I bought this for my daughter at seven months.  She plays with it every day, and discovers something new that she can do at least once a week.  She has not gotten tired of it.  It is definitely worth it!  I think the Babies R Us coupon book has it for $74.99, which is the cheapest I've seen it. I would definitely recommend getting it for Christmas.

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