milk in one but not the other? help!


milk in one but not the other? help


I had my LO 5 days ago and I have been trying to BF and pump. She doesn't latch good so I have been pumping more (my preference also).  I am getting a good flow I feel from my right breast but the left is not doing ANYTHING! I can't get one drop on most sessions? It was hard and painful but not bad, this mornign I woke up and it feels soft like the other but still no milk when I pump,  no colostrum nothing...I have an ant and a grasshopper! How do I make milk come out? Thank you!

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Re: milk in one but not the other? help!

  • DS is 16 months, gave up on my right breast when he was probably 6 weeks old because so little came out of that one. You don't need both to EBF! I'd keep pumping it as much as you can tolerate to see if it starts producing, and to help from looking as lopsided as I do!, but I wouldn't worry about it if it stays dry. GL! 
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