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Prune Juice for connstipation

Does prune juice work on constipation? My pedi recommended that I gave little one one ounce of prune juice mixed with one ounce of water daily to help her with constipation. Has this worked?
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Re: Prune Juice for connstipation

  • I've never given prune juice to my kids...I don't like the taste so I doubt they would too.

    I always gave them Karo Corn Syrup mixed with water. It works much faster & they are more likely to drink it.

    If you child is taking formula, he/she should have 1 ounce of water a day. That always helped prevent it with my kids.  

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  • Thank you. the doctor also recommended Karo syrup. I gave her prune juice today do you think it's ok for me  to change and give her karo syrup tomorrow? Will it be to many different things? 
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  • Our pedi also recommended prune juice for constipation.  We've been putting 1 tsp in her bottles (3oz of formula) and it seems to be helping.  She's been pretty regular for the past day so we're slowing down on the prune juice.

    She doesn't seem to like the taste though, I will admit.  She drinks her bottle much slower when it has the juice in it.  

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  • I've heard baby pear juice works and is less likely to make your LO fussy. But I've never had to treat her for constipation so what do I know?
  • How old does LO have to be to try kayro syrup?  A coworker reccomended it, but I wasn't sure if DS is too young to try it.  My pedi told me to get a pediatric suppository and cut it into fourths.
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  • I give dd pear juice just because prune juice has a stronger flavor and stains if your lo makes a mess with it/spits up after drinking it.  I replace one ounce of water with  one ounce of pear juice (found in the baby food aisle) in one of her bottles every other day, and it keeps her going every other day (without she goes 5ish days with no poop).  If you are bfing though, you could just give the juice/water mix.
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  • I had the same issue and was concerned because I'm breastfeeding.  The nurse at the ped's office suggested apple juice and water, 50/50.  I was hesitant but tried it 30/70.  She said it may take a few days but it worked instantly!  She also said you can try over the counter glycerin suppositories; I'm sticking with the juice...

  • Don't know if the prune juice works but when DS#1 was 10 weeks old he was constipated so our pedi recommended we feed him 1 tsp of prunes mixed with BM every day.  That did the trick.
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  • Prune juice works really well for DS and he likes the flavor. I mix it with at least one ounce of BM or formula, then keep a rag handy in case of spit up.

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  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I gave prune juice today to my little one I hope it wont take to long to work. 
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