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Veteran's Day vs. Remembrance Day

So here in Canada it's called Remembrance Day not Veterans Day but it serves the same purpose - remembering those who have fought/are currently fighting for our freedom.  So my question is - what kind of things are done in the States to "celebrate" the day?  Here the only businesses that are open are retail type ones and essential services (hospitals, cops, firemen, those types) but most if not all offices/doctors offices/service companies and other types of companies are closed so that the employees can go to services and such.  Is it that way in the States? 

Where I live (a town of about 2000) there is a service in the local civic centre and it's usually packed in there with people standing and such because there are no more seats.  I would say that about 400 to 500 people attend.  It's a big thing here and I'm just curious if it's as big of a thing in the States or if it's more the current millitary personnel and those associated with them that think the day is special.

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Re: Veteran's Day vs. Remembrance Day

  • It might depend on the state --but I don't believe it's that big here in NYC.  We do have a parade -- which tons of people attend.  But we have so many parades year round that it does not phase me.  I'm working today and so it DH.  DH had Monday off from work due to a Muslim holiday - but he is working today.


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  • It's not a huge celebratory event here. Banks, government offices, and schools are closed..but that's about it. All retail stores stay open.
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  • It's important to people on different levels.  Obvious families with veterans do more to observe it.  In the US we have a holiday called Memorial Day that's more of a big deal because it's about honoring those who have died in combat.  Today is more for those still serving or have served in the past but are still alive.  People recognize both days in their own way.  There are parades and recognition services people go to, but not everyone gets involved.  Retail stores like to run sales on this day though as some people do have off of work.
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  • Also live in a small town in Canada, about 2500 people.  We take it pretty seriously here.  There are ceremonies, cenotaphs, and if you get caught calling it a "holiday" you'll definitely get a side eye.
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