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Pregnancy Symptoms, BFN

Has this happened to anyone? 

I have/had secondary IF.  I have a 2yo daughter who was conceived spontaneously, and, after giving birth, the doctor believes that my body had an autoimmune reaction that caused the secondary IF.

OK, in the IF work ups, an adhesion was found and removed in August 2011.  Two week after removal, I had light AF.  THen about a month later, another very light AF.  (Sorry for TMI, but not bloody, just streaky/mucousy/pink like.)  October, no AF.  But ever since the secondary IF, I've had irregular AFs, so I wasn't immediately surprised.

OK, I begin November 2011 with colostrum expressing/leaking from both nipples, (I had a mammogram, no tumors/cysts/etc).  Because I've nursed before, I know that it is colostrum vs. anything else.  Then nausea starts ... the same kind of 'all day nausea' I had with my daughter's pregnancy ... headaches, tingly boobies (but not sore or overly swollen) ... a tingling feeling in my pelvis ... moodiness ... pimples ...

OK, all signs point to pregnancy right?  But every HPT I've taken has been negative.  BIG.FAT.NEGATIVES  Every single one.  I've tried multiple brands/etc.  I had one test that possibly "paused and turned pink" while it was passing over the test area ... but then it kept going right on to the control area.   No line in the test area.

I've called my doctor, and they haven't ordered a blood test yet.  But this is killing me!  I don't want to get my hopes up; I can't live with the disappointment of another "possible" pregnancy.  (I had a couple of chemical pregnancies last year before they found the adhesion.)

Has anyone had this strange mix of occurrences?  Unmistakable early pregnancy symptoms, except no BFPs???


Re: Pregnancy Symptoms, BFN

  • And the doctor won't order a blood test yet because they feel that it's very highly extraordinarily unlikely that I would conceive on my own.  I have post-menopausal FSH levels and undetectable AMH. That my symptoms may just be caused by the normal fluctuations in hormones of a potentially post-menopausal woman, or the symptoms could be pre-menstrual syndrome as my cycles get more regulated after the adhesion was removed.

    Except that I looked everywhere, and found no instances of post-menopausal women producing colostrum!

    So frustrating.

  • I have no advice for you, but hope you get your answer soon! I do know the wait is sooo frustrating!

    Me: now over 40, careerwoman; DH: 34 love of my life
    Blood work, anatomy and his SA = in fine shape say drs
    Our journey so far:
    7/09: BFP m/c 6w s/e/p, 2 rounds methotrexate
    4/10 BFP m/c 6w D& was a boy :(
    6/10-2/11 TTC naturally, BFNs
    3/11: Clomid cycle, BFN
    4/11-9/11 TTC naturally, BFNs
    10/11 IUI #1 BFN
    Have to breathe over next few months.
    Feb 2012: IVF #1, max stims, only 3 retrieved, all fertilized, only 1 transferred on Day 3. BFN.
    RE says move to DE. DE it is.
    DE IVF #1 - 10/29: 12 eggs retrieved, 10 fert. 11/2: Day5 transfer 2 'perfect' blasts. 4 blasts on ice. 11/11: Beta #1 at 9dp5dt = 72.7 11/13: Beta #2 at 11dp5dt: 30.3 c/p :( WTF appt 11/27: RE a little dumbfounded. Checking Thyroid panel again, Hysterogram as well; FET most likely in Jan. '13.have reconsidered a parallel path of adoption.
    PAIF&SAIF always welcome
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