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Juanito's Story

I went 11/4 at 8:30 for a scheduled induction, due to my blood pressure being wonky.  My cousin Jenny was my nurse.  She started the meds and I felt just fine.  Around midnight I got up and went to the bathroom.  I washed myself off because the jell they use when the check your cervix makes me feel funky.  When I sat back down I felt like I had set on a wet sponge, but thought nothing of it and rested some more.  Around 2 Jenny checked my cervix again I was a 5 and she mentioned to her sister Sam (also a nurse who was there at that point for moral support), that I was really wet.  They checked and my water had broke. So she put internal monitors in. WOO HOO so much better than the one strapped around me!

 I started having alot of pain so she gave me some IV meds and I slept until I woke up around 4 with REALLY bad pain.  DH and SD left to run home to let the dogs out and while they were gone I got my epidural and it was just strange feeling.  The girls kept moving me around through out the night, left side with leg really elavated (texas roll) and then the right.  I spent some time with the foot of the bed lowered and on my hands and knees!  I loved this position.  Even though I had the epi I could feel my left leg, had siatic pain and my right leg felt heavy. 

Around 7 I started having a lot of pressure and LO's heart rate kept dropping down low. Also at this point Jenny clocked out and Sam clocked in as my labor nurse.    My cervix had a lip on it and I was dialated to 9 but that lip was not going away.  At 8 my OB came in and checked me because of LO's heart rate, and wanted me to push to see if I could move him because she thought he was on pressing on the cord.  I pushed one time and OMG I felt everything. 

 Jenny ran down and clocked in again, and my sister called to order everything I would need.  Around 8:30 I started pushing.  Poor DH turned and faced the wall and just kept rubbing my head.  My sister was on that side also and was holding me with one arm and reasuring DH by rubbing his shoulder.  I was on oxygen and feeling pukey so I just kept my eyes shut.  I could not feel the contractions so I just waited until I felt more pressure, and kept pushing.  My OB used the vaccume a little to help him past the lip in my cervix, and then I took it from there.  5 pushes and my sister starts crying I felt his head come out.  They tried to lift me up to see but I just kept my eyes closed.  My uterus pushed the rest of him out on its own.  I look up at DH and his face is just red with tears.  The OB lifted him up and ask DH to cut the cord, and my sister said "you need to cut the cord", so I opened my eyes and watched DH cut it.  They put him on my chest and I just looked into his big dark eyes.  He didn't really cry, just fussed a little.  Jenny took him and cleaned him up while my OB finished me up.  Thats when he started to scream!    I have a first degree tear and have some stitches which I felt all of.  I just couldn't stop looking at him.  Jenny handed him to DH and it was just magical!


After I was all done my dad, step mom and SD came out and they were all crying!  He is perfect!  Born at 8:50am 11/5/11 7lbs 11oz and 20.5 inches long. 

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