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If you have an early riser 5-6am

What time does your LO goes to bed? What does your LO do when she wakes up and your still in bed? What time is your LOs nap and how long? DD goes to be 8:830p and up by 5:30-6am. She would get out of her bed and lay down in front of the baby gate by her doorway. She stays there laying down, awake, until I come and get her. She takes one nap around noon for only 30 mins :(
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Re: If you have an early riser 5-6am

  • We start DS's bedtime routine around 7, he is usually asleep around 8. He's normally up between 5:30 and 6:00 but it varies. Today he was up at 4:50. :- (thankfully that doesn't happen TOO often.) I don't go in and get him until at LEAST 6:00 unless it sounds like something is wrong with him. Most of the time he is fine just chatting away - he did that for over an hour this morning.

    He takes one nap around noon on the weekends and 1pm at daycare that lasts usually 1.5-2 hours. 

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  • Post time change she's been getting up around 5:30-6. Prior to it was sometime between 6 and 7. 

    She goes to bed around 8. Sometimes a little before, sometimes a little after. Depends on how tired she is. We bring her into bed with us when she wakes up. That usually buys us a half hour and then we get up with her. There's no way she'd stay in her room herself.

    She usually naps for an hour to an hour and a half.  

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  • C goes to bed around 7. He's usually stirring around 6 or 6:15. He usually takes 2 short naps, but this week has had a few days with just one; there's about 2hrs of napping most days.  With everything I need to do to get ready for work during the week, and the fact I'd like to sleep a little bit during the weekend, I've set a guideline that he stays in the crib until 6:30ish unless he seems to be in distress. He has an aquarium, a gloworm and some small stuffed animals, and most mornings is pretty content for the 20-30min I need.
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    He goes to bed around 7-7:30.  He'll nap anywhere from 1-3 hours a day, sometimes one nap and sometimes two.

    Something like this 

  • DS goes to bed between 7:30-8:00pm and usually wakes up about 6. Sometimes (like today), it's more like 5:25 and sometimes we get to sleep until nearly 6:30.

    He naps for 30-60 min in the morning and another 60-90 min in the afternoon.

    He will NOT stay in bed awake in the morning for longer than 5ish minutes before he starts crying and yelling for us to come get him. Unfortunately, he will not go to sleep if we bring him in bed with us either.

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  • DS goes to bed around 8-9 (and now that he's teething it's been closer to 7:30).  He's usually up around 6-6:30 (although 5:30 this morning - ugh, but he'll have other morning where he'll sleep until 7:30).  He kind of transitioning right now from one nap to two - so it's kind of day-by-day as to how many naps he takes & how active he is (more active=more naps).  But he usually naps for a total of 2-3 hours during the day.
  • We put DD down for the night at 7:30.  She's in a big girl bed with a gate on her doorway.

    She naps for about 2hrs sometime around 11-2, whenever I'm ready for her to :-)  

    When she gets up she comes to her gate and cries a little or calls out to us.

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  • My son goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:15 each night.  He was sleepimg til 6-630 and now is getting up after time change between 5 and 530.  Some days he still takes two naps, but most days he is taking one nap between 1030 and 1230 give or take.
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    He goes to bed around 7-7:30.  He'll nap anywhere from 1-3 hours a day, sometimes one nap and sometimes two.


    This is us too.

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