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December Baby?

Anyone else think they might have a December baby?  My husband seems to think that I won't make it to my due date.  I'm due January 2nd and I was induced a week late with LO #1.  I'm really hoping I make it to January but I'm also measuring a week ahead. 

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Re: December Baby?

  • My Dr seems to think that I wont make it to my due date as well. Evidently Alex is a big boy already Stick out tongue

    We will see! I wont complain if he decides to come in December Big Smile

  • I'm full term on 12/22 so even though DS was a week early, I think I'll be find until January. I'm really hoping for LO's sake to miss the week between Christmas and New Years. If I had a request it would be between 1/3 and 1/12 :)
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  • I had both my other kids at 38w on the dot, which puts me at the end of December. That would be fine by me. My body seems to be saying get ready early with all the contractions I'm having, but I had them with my other kids for months too. Honestly, I have no idea when she'll come!
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  • image Mrs.AMB07:
    I'm full term on 12/22 so even though DS was a week early, I think I'll be find until January. I'm really hoping for LO's sake to miss the week between Christmas and New Years. If I had a request it would be between 1/3 and 1/12 :)

    I'm hoping I go a little late again, say around January 9th?! I know that since that's what I'm hoping for, it won't happen!


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  • I am due on 1/2 as well and I don't think I will make it the full 40 weeks. DS was born at 36 weeks, so couple that with the fact that we are having them basically back to back makes it more likely that this one will be early. I have a feeling that it will be Christmas week.
  • Due to high blood pressure, my OB said theyre going to induce me possibly around 37 weeks which is 12-26 for me.
  • I highly doubt I will go early even if that is what I would prefer a 12/30 or 12/31 baby.  I have a feeling I will be close to 2 weeks late and almost have him in February. 
  • I probably won't make it to Jan. I'm due Jan 3rd and measuring 2+ weeks ahead. I go for a growth scan sometime in the next few weeks but I am guessing the last week of Dec. whether baby comes naturally or by induction.
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  • I am due Jan 9th but I've been mearsuring a week ahead for the past 4 doc visits...so I think she'll come early. I really hope she waits until after Christmas - I am hoping for anytime between Dec 31 - Jan 9.
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  • It's entirely possible that I'll end up with November babies. For their health, I hope not, but at the end of the day they're going to come when they're ready. But, if we do make it past Nov. the girls will definitely be coming in Dec.

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  • I am due 1.6 and was 8 days early with DD (which would be 12.30)
    I have also been "measuring" 9-10 days ahead (putting me at 12.28-12.29)

    I would so love to have a December baby because my birthday is 12.25 (it would be even cooler to share a birthday!) and my parents will be visiting from out of state 12.26-1.1 BUT I am really trying to not expect to be early since I have a friend who was 15 days late with her second and 8 days early with her first :)
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  • I'm due Jan. 2nd, however at yesterday's dr. appt I was measuring over a week ahead.  I'll have a growth scan at my next. appt.  I'm totally okay with a Christmas baby!!

  • My OB has scheduled my c-section for 12/31 so I will most definitely be having a December baby.
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  • My c-section is scheduled for December 28th so I will most definitely have a December baby.  Due date is January 4th.  I went 38 wks 5 days with DS#2 so who knows.  I think I will have this baby sooner than the 28th...which makes me nervous :-)  I don't want to be in the hospital over Christmas.  I measured 2 weeks ahead today with a baby measuring in the 80th percentile at 4lbs 13ounces.  Doc said 9lb baby or more this time.  My other 2 were 8 lbs and 7 lbs 2 ounces.  I might not need the NB clothing this time around.  
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  • My due date is Jan 11th and I am full term December 21st. I am measuring a week early and have already started having some contractions. My OB thinks I will go early. I am hoping to go in December, keepinig fingers crossed.
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  • image cschissell:
    I highly doubt I will go early even if that is what I would prefer a 12/30 or 12/31 baby.  I have a feeling I will be close to 2 weeks late and almost have him in February. 

    This is how I'm feeling.  I'd love to have a New Year's Eve baby since will technically be full term, but since I'm hoping for it, my LO will probably stay in extra long just to be difficult and show me who's boss. 

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  • I'm hoping for a Dec baby (not a Nov baby!).  I'm IUGR so the doctor has told me the chances of going past 37 weeks are slim to none.  37 weeks is Dec 16th.

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  • Sounds like your DH is just hoping for the tax write-off for 2011 instead of waiting until 2012! Just kidding! That date is "ify" being so close to the beginning of Jan. I have heard that most first babies are born later than their due dates, but with your LO #2, I guess you just never know!
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  • I feel the same way, we are measuring a week early as well but at this point I could not be sure. I would rather have a December baby, but that preference is purely based on a taxes thing.
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  • I'm not due until Jan 11 but I'd be ok with having DD early. The only day I really don't want is 12/24 because that is DS's birthday and I already feel guilty that his birthday is Christmas Eve and I don't want him to have to share with his sister too.  Spending Christmas in the hospital wasn't so bad but I don't want to do it two years in a row!
  • My SO seems to think she is coming around Christmas and im just not ready for that lol. I'll be full term though at the end of Dec. so if she came then it is what it is but i'd like her to wait until January.Smile
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  • I am due January 6th and feel like Ive been pregnant forever so I am hoping for a December baby! Also I have GD and am worried the baby will be too big to deliver naturally if he waits until his due date.

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  • She is due January 3rd, but if my body has already began preparing for labor, I should be induced sometime during the week after Christmas. So, hopefully!!
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  • Oh my goodness, my doc is convinced that I will deliver by the 20th... But, (and you can call me crazy for this one) I have this overwhelming feeling about Jan. 7.  My first due date was Dec. 27, then they moved it to Jan. 5.  I just do not want to be induced!
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  • I am in the same position as you.  I am due Jan 5 and was induced a week late with my son.  I am hoping to make it to January.  No real reason, just don't want to have a baby between Christmas and New Years.
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  • haha nooooo. not for me, due Jan 26/27... I'm just hoping this isn't a FEBRUARY baby!! 

    (BTW I'm letting you know now that even if this kid is two weeks late and comes smack in the middle of the "lovebugs" I am staying right here on the January board. mmmkay?) 

  • I'm due 1/2 as well and have this feeling I might go early. It's not based on anything AT ALL. Just a feeling. My DH is convinced the baby will arrive 1/5, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
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