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Breast tenderness

This is my third pregnancy and I've never expierenced this before.  My nipples are so sensitive for the last two days, it even hurts to have my bra or shirt rub against them.  i've been putting bags of frozen peas on them for a little relief, but I can't do that all day.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Breast tenderness

  • When I'm home, I often lift my shirt to let my nipples air out.  Not being compressed makes them leak a little, but that's just how mine are as they would leak anyway.

    I suggest changing out of your normal shirt and your bra and changing into a night shirt when you're home for the evening.  They may be hurting so much because they're being compressed all day when they're trying to grow.  Sleeping topless has also been great for me, but if you have other LOs in the house, that may not be possible.

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  • Use the Lanolin cream when you have to have a bra on and even before you shower if the water is hurting them then.  They also sell breast pads that have a cooling gel in them, to insert into your bra - they're intended for nursing moms, but if the nips hurt, they hurt!  I think they're called coolies or something like that - even CVS has them.  
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  • I have had some pain recently. I think I even had a clogged duct. I am not leaking or anything but my left boob is hurting!
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  • My boobs are hurting again too- kinda like back in 1st tri.  And my nipples are super dry.  I think I am going to try the lanolin.
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  • Thanks everyone!  I tried the lanolin and it did help a little.  I will try to pads as well. :)
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