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"wow, you look huge!"

Anyone else getting people saying they are "huge." ? Who does that? My mother seems to think I should be proud that she thinks i'm "huge" and that it shouldn't bother me when she says it. I don't feel as if I'm that big and alot of people say i'm small for 34wks. Maybe she doesn't understand b/c she hasn't been pregnant in 18 years but still... Am I being hypersensitive? or would that piss you off too. What erks you?
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Re: "wow, you look huge!"

  • Yes, I get this from some people and I really don't give a flying $hit what other people think.  Don't let it bother you.  I'm sure you look fine.

  • your mom my mother in law???  She calls me HUGE all the time!  And she is RUDE about it! 

    -Why aren't you wearing your shirt you wore last week?  Is it to tight on you because your so huge?

    -I can't believe how huge you are, I can imagine you getting any bigger!

    REALLY?  I am tiny according to everyone else I run into and they all say I look great for being 33-34 weeks preg!   So yeah I feel your pain! 

    I am sure you look great...enjoy your baby bump I am sure we will miss it when its gone!

  • I've gotten a few of those but I also got a few I look too small.  My dentist actually questioned if everything was ok!!  I was like really lady, stick to teeth and let me worry about my baby.  

    People feel like they have to comment on your size, don't know why.  Just ask me how I feel and let's move on. 

  • All I've been getting is "is that all the bigger you're gonna get?"
  • My mother says this to me too. I guess she just means relative to my normal size plus the fact that Ive measured small my entire pregnancy. I an still even measuring a few weeks smaller, but I think I look so uncomfortable moving in general which makes me look bigger haha.
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  • I think it's fine to say to a pregnant woman and I don't think it's insulting. I wish someone would say that to me b/c all i get from anyone is 'you're pregnant?'
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    Today we were in a meeting with a large group of people (100 or so) and I was talking to my boss when he said - hey those people are talking about your belly.  I look over and they're like - you're due any day right?  I said Nope, 5 more weeks and they were like - we thought you could go at any minute!  

    I had someone from my own team yesterday ask me if I was sure I wasn't having twins.  I'm like hello - I'm actually measuring a week behind so no buddy, I'm not.  

    I just think guys don't get it or don't remember what their wives were like.  

    Oh and my in-laws have been saying since I was barely pregnant that I get bigger and bigger every week - every time they say that, I say, thanks but its not a compliment!  And yet they keep saying it every time we see them.  They live 1.5 miles away - so we see them often.  Its annoying.   


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  • I like being told I look huge cuz this whole preg I've got " wow u don't even look pregnant" now I get huge comments and say thanks lol

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  • Lately I've been getting lots of "huge" comments, but to be fair, lately I'm thinking the same thing! A few have said it's all belly (which I wish I could believe, but the last two weeks have definitely impacted my behind :( which is not something I really needed IMO). I have also had quite a few people tell me I look like I'm ready to pop and people who don't think I'll make it to term b/c I look so big. Tongue Tied Yeah, not that I'm not ready to leave pregnancy behind, but I want her to bake for a few more weeks so she's as healthy as can be when she comes. I guess that's a comment that bothers me. Another is that I was put on medical leave and honestly have been doing as much as possible as far as making things from scratch or hand making bedding or clothes etc. However, everyone likes to ask me what I do all day and make pot shots on me being lazy. Oh and these are people that I end up running errands for since I don't have a job... Gotta love family!
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  • Uggh, some people dont have any manners.  It especially bothers me when women who have had kids and been pregnant say these type of things.  Dont you remember what is was like?

    This lady that works on the same floor as me said to me one day - "oh I remember the fat days of my pregnancy, I was so hot all the time."  Errrrr...fat - I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant, what's your excuse for that flat tire around your middle?

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