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Intro and question about labeling items for DC

I'm officially a working mom.  DD is 10 wks old and I've started to transition her to DC and myself to working part time.  In two weeks, I will be full time and she will be going to DC three days and staying with my mom two days. Tomorrow will be DD's first day at DC without me.  She's going to spend a half day there. 

One thing about our DC is that we have to provide everything and it must be labeled.  They provide a roll of colored masking tape - one color for each kid.  Our color is officially "white", but actually a very pale pink or blush.  It's actually the same shade as my pale pink bra.   I don't think the tape will stick well to cloth, so I wanted to get good labels for stuff like bibs and blankets.  Does anyone have any recommendations for what they do?

Re: Intro and question about labeling items for DC

  • I bought iron-on labels off of ebay. They were super cheap and I did DS1 and DS2's first and last name. They're small and easy to iron-on whereever on the material.
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  • You can get iron-on labels with your DD's name on, I just ordered a roll. They are not super cheap but worth it in my view, especially for older toddlers. Another option is to buy a cloth pen (one that writes on clothing and doesn't wash out) and either write on the tags of the clothing or write on white cotton ribbon that you cut in pieces and then sow on the clothes. I had to do the latter because I am still waiting for the iron-on tags. Finally you can get stamps with your LO's name on to stamp on clothes (a little like writing with the pen, but much easier). This is the one time I am happy my DD has a short name btw, LOL.

    A thing you might want to think about: some of the clothes you probably want to pass on to either potential younger siblings, other family member's/friends' babies or even sell later on. This is the reason I chose the iron on tags, so I can take them off again.  

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  • I ordered labels from Mabels Labels - they're very small labels designed to stick on clothing tags and stay on through the washer and dryer. Name Bubbles is another site that has similar labels. If you search around, you can sometimes find discount codes for them.

    Before I got the labels, I just wrote his last name directly on the clothing tags with a fine-point sharpie marker. It worked perfectly fine and didn't rub off in the wash.

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  • I used namebubbles. They are stickers that stay on in the washer, dishwasher and dryer, but can be removed by just peeling them off. They are pretty convenient.
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  • Thank you!  I'll look into some of these options.
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