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Does anyone have it? I got this birth control 4 weeks after I had Sophia. It was really bad at first. I had mood swings and I tried to let it take time for it to end. It ended eventually. But it has surfaced again. I really hate it, because I don't feel like I am myself. Has anyone on this felt like this before? I am hoping to get through it until I can get it taken out. I think it will be a month or two before I can get it taken out. But It REALLY SUCKS right now. I cannot stand it! I am such a happy person, but on this I feel so sad sometimes.
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Re: Implanon.

  • That's how I feel on most every bc I've tried ( yaz, Yasmin, seasonique, even the lowest estrogen pills out there, nuvaring). It sucks. I feel like bc affects me 10x worse than anyone else. I finally gave up on pills/anything hormonal and got Paragard after LO was born and I love it so far. Im still bfing so I'm not sure how bad AF will be but no crazy mood swings or general craziness or sadness that came along with everything else. If its possible for you, I highly recommend it. 

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  • I got Implanon after DS was born and I hated it. I blamed a lot of the problems on being a new FTM. I completely lost my sex drive, which I blamed on BFing until I stopped at 8 months, and the sex drive stayed dead. I got it taken out when we started TTC DD, and within two days I was back to my "normal" self. 

    My OB won't put them in, he only takes them out. He says they're terrible, and I agree.  You will feel better immediately after it's out, try to get it out as soon as possible.  GL!

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  • Wait!  Before you take it out, are you still having these issues?  I saw your little lady is about 9 months old, is that right?  Sometimes if post partum depression (PPD) is going to rear its ugly head, it can do so in the first month (about the time you got the Implanon) and those symptoms could be mistaken for an adverse reaction to the Implanon.  If you're still having these issues, and Baby is 9 months old, then its probably not PPD and yea, unfortunately, the Implanon may just not be jiving with you.  Ask your doctor though, it might be something you haven't thought of.

     I got the Implanon when my little dude was about 11 months old (2 months ago) and I LOVE it.  I'm sorry to hear you don't.  I have had issues in the past with bc causing mood swings and I know that its miserable.  Good luck, I hope you find something that works with your body instead of fighting it!

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