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when will I look "pregnant" ?

Hey all, I'm almost 18 weeks, and it just looks like I'm getting fat... (lol)

 Before pregnancy, I was 5'4 145lbs. And a little belly always. I mean.. who's perfect.. right? But now, same height, 18 wks, 11lbs heavier... you still cant tell much. Just looks "rollie". Some of my girlfriends are 2 weeks ahead of me and showing like crazy! When will I look pregnant? Sad

Re: when will I look "pregnant" ?

  • Everyone is different.  I'm almost 32 weeks and I didn't "look" pregnant until really recently, and even now it depends what I wear.  In a loose sweatshirt, I just look fat.  In an empire cut maternity top, it's more obvious what's going on.
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  • I really started to look pregnant around 23/24 weeks. At 18 weeks I still had a small belly but boy has it grown!

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  • I'm having twins, and at 18 weeks it was still questionable whether I had gained weight or was pregnant.  It wasn't obviously noticeable to everyone until 23/24 weeks, and now it's clear as day, and I get comments all the time.  

    Everyone always said enjoy it while you can, and now that I'm gigantic, I will agree--enjoy...looking back now, I should have enjoyed having the little adorable pregnant pudge as opposed to a huge watermelon that makes it hard to breathe (and is nearly impossible to dress!) 

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  • I had a little belly at 18 but no one could tell too much besides me and my hubby! Then family started to notice around 21weeks. But as for everyone else, they r probably just now noticing at 30 weeks :)

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  • I am 29 weeks and still don't look super pregnant. So much to the point that people at work are just now asking me IF I am pregnant... So again, it depends!
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  • i still dont, so good luck with that.

  • Never. No seriously, everybody carries different, so honestly how are we supposed to know? 
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  • I am 29 weeks tomorrow and have only started to really look pregnant in the last week or so. I had really bad back ache over the weekend and my belly was super achey and I kind of popped over night. When I came into work on Monday, everyone was like 'crikey, your baby is getting big!'

    Like PPs have said, everyone carries differently and I think everyone thinks pregnancy should look like it does in the movies - What we seem to forget however is those women are wearing prosthetic bellies that are man made and moulded to be a perfect 'bump', there arent real babies in there! Lol. There is no correct way to look - I had a B belly (still do slightly) up until popping a few days ago.

    Also, dont forget it depends how LO is lying in there and your belly could change shape several times throughout your pregnancy!

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