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BLUUM box review - deluxe samples for baby and mom

I got that 3 months for $18 deal when it was going around, and I thought I would review it so others can see if they are interested :)

btw-- if you are interested in signing up, let me send you a referral code :)

Here's what came in this months box:

1) 2 little samples (like the free kind that come in magazines) of Dr. Robbins skin care- 1 of a sunscreen, 1 of a lotion, both for children- can't use either on LO yet, so stuck them in a drawer

2) 1 pouch of Baby Gourmet Juicy Pear and Garden Greens baby food-- we're doing BLW and she's not on any solids yet anyway, so this also went in a drawer- I'll save for future car trips

3) CJ's Creamy Lotion- BUTTer- Pink Sugar in a little canister- love this one-- I know its for diaper rash, etc, but I put it on my lips-- so soft -- feel free to be grossed out :) I will totally try this on LO tonight as diaper cream since I believe CJ's is CD safe (they didn't say so, but I'll check later)

4) Huggamind- Baby Symbolizer free app for the iphone or ipad-- umm-- I don't have either, so I emailed it to my cousin. If it ends up working for more than one person I'll post here later.

5) Strivectin wrinkle/stretch mark cream-- I don't have stretchmarks, but totally want to try this for wrinkles, I know it's crazy expensive and it's .75ml, so enough to really test.... except.... not BFing safe-- sigh- sticking in a cabinet until one day when I'm not either BFing or preg

6) Magnet with a bee on it saying bzzzzz- flat circle kind


So all in all, just one item I was really interested in AND can use right now. I do wish they would let you customize a bit (like telling them I don't have an iphone). The box it comes in is hard and good for reuse (you would think they could save a ton by using pouches).

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!

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