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Holy Weight Gain

30lbs!!! And I still have two months to go!! How is everyone else?
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Re: Holy Weight Gain

  • I am so sad!!  I weigh in today at the Dr.  and I am going to be up 25!!  I was doing SOOOOO GOOOD!  I was right on track until I gained ten lbs. this month.  Last pregnancy I gained 80 and I am so scared it's going to happen again.. I gained 40 in my last two months last time.  I feel totally out of control, can't stop eating, hungry constantly, making terrible choices.  I think my hormones are taking over or something!  UGH terrible day and so disappointed in myself! :( 
  • About 20lbs, but I was overweight to begin with.
  • 6lbs for me, which the dr said is right on track since I was a little overweight to begin with.
    DD 1.18.2012
  • I know right?  I am up 25 pounds and still have 2 1/2 months to go!  The last couple weeks, the weight just came and I didn't change anything I've been doing


  • I think I am around 28 pounds now but my doctor said my target was 35. I do feel nervous because my sister gained 100 pounds, but I am not addicted to velveeta the way she was lol
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  • From my last appt (which was about 3 weeks ago) I was up about 14 lbs. I go in next week so we'll see. 
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  • Strangely I am still down.  -11 lbs. 

    However I remember I had lost weight with DD and then started gaining around week 30 with her, so I anticipate to start making up for that now.  With my last pregnancy even though I didn't start gaining till 3rd tri, I made up for lost time and ended up 31 lbs above my prepreg weight by delivery (so you can add the 13 i'd lost before that and the 31 to quite a bit of weight I gained in 10 short weeks!).

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  • I'm up 25 lbs - kind of freaked me out, but Dr. hasn't said anything and everyone is telling me that I look great ::blush::. I don't feel like I'm anything but all belly. I'll just keep eating healthy and doing my exercise thing!
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  • I am up about 25 and have 8 weeks to go.
    I was up 40 at this point with DD and gained 50 total so needless to say I'm happy with where I'm at.

    I didn't gain a lot with her my last two months (10ish) but I did eat a LOT of ice cream. Like, gallons every week. This time I will not be so I should come in right around 30 which was my goal.

    That being said - I'm glad I read this before I decided what to pig out on for lunch :) I guess soup it is...
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  • image sweetky_06:
    I'm up 25 lbs - kind of freaked me out, but Dr. hasn't said anything and everyone is telling me that I look great ::blush::. I don't feel like I'm anything but all belly. I'll just keep eating healthy and doing my exercise thing!

    Same here, I'm up 20 so far (31 weeks). I could have stood to lose 10-15lbs before I got PG :) I'm still working out and eating well, so it must just be what she needs! I feel like the rest of me doesn't look different except for the belly.

    Claire Elizabeth 12/31/2011
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  • As of last weeks appt., I was up 26.  My target is between 25 and 35... and I have about 8 weeks left... so pretty good so far although I can feel myself getting heavy lol.
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  • image MAMAxB:
    I am up about 25 and have 8 weeks to go.
    Me too! We're due on the same day...but this is my first child. 
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  • I got a slight talking to when I gained 11 lbs in 5 weeks (total gain at 25 weeks was 20 lbs).  I've been really trying to cut the unecessary sugar and carbs (like my daily muffin top second breakfast...) so we'll see how it goes this friday at my appt.

    I've been trying to make better choices this time, and I've been a lot more active than my last pregnancy... but I still think I'll end up at the same end weight as I was with my DS...

    on the one hand, I look back at pictures of me in the 3rd tri with my son and I do look pretty hefty - and not just in the belly. but on the other hand, it all came off within 6-7 months, so I try not to be too worried.

  • 20 lbs 2 weeks ago I'll find out tomorrow. I'm not happy with that number though since I started out heavy. I might have to skip these Holiday dinners. I've been trying hard not to put on any more than is needed. Nutritionists and all that.

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  • My last appointment I was up 20lbs. I'm going in this week on Thursday so we'll see.

    I"ve been a bit behind on my weight gain but this last appointment I gained a total of 5lbs since 4 weeks prior. So I think it's picking up now. If I countinue at 5lbs/month I'll be a bit over but I don't really care. I feel good, the baby is good, so if I end up with 10 extra lbs so be it.... And I don't mean to rub it in, I know some women have it easier than others and I consider myself lucky not to have weight problems... so far.... :)

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  • 17lbs at 29 weeks. Really trying to keep it to about 25lbs but I'll probably get to 30. I wasn't overweight to begin with but I'm really paranoid about weight gain since I worked so hard to lose before I got pregnant. I go for three 45 minute walks and do 30 minutes of weights twice every week and I've been trying to lay off the carbs a bit so I guess I am gaining what I'm going to gain. I've stayed at a size medium the whole time so that's making me feel a bit better about the whole thing.
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  • About 28 total at almost 32 weeks.  A tad more than I would have liked, but honestly I am not terribly concerned.  I didn't gain much at the end with my son, and honestly, it is better than the 60 I gained last time.

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  • 27lbs. I am happy with that, as I weigh now at 30 weeks, less than what I weighed at 17 weeks with DS. I am guessing I will gain about 40lbs total. (which will put me 30lbs below my delivery weight with DS.. and I would be thrilled with that!)

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  • At my last appointment on Friday, I had gained a total of about 26 pounds (at almost 31 weeks). I was a little overweight to begin with. My doctor has not said anything to me at all about my weight gain, which makes me feel better. I know I will probably exceed 30 or 35 pounds, but I'm hoping not to go over 40.

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  • I am up 13 pounds with 12 weeks to go. I am hoping for a total gain of 25-30 pounds, but I am totally ok letting my body do what it needs to do.

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  • At my last appointment I was up 2 lbs.  This was my first documented weight gain. I have an appointment on Monday, and I'll be 30 weeks then.  I hope to have gained a few more by then.  However, I was also overweight before pregnancy, and I lost 10 lbs 1st trimester.  The doctor said I should gain about 10 lbs total, so I'm on track at the moment.
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  • 20 pounds gained as of yesterday, with 8 weeks to go.  I had lost 30 pounds for our wedding before getting pregnant, so at least I know what to do to get it off again (zumba, zumba, dance class, boot camp).


    I'm still doing zumba and dance fit too, but not at the same level of intensity. 

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  • Up 11 lbs. with 11 weeks to go...I was heavy to begin with so my doctor wanted me to gain no more than 15 lbs., 20 lbs. at the max. All in all, I am happy with where I am but realize I will probably be closer to the 20 lb. mark by delivery. 

  • 53 pounds hahahaha.... yeah.
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  • up about 15 lbs right now, hoping to land in the 25-30 lb gain total.
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  • I'm up 14 pounds right now- although I feel way bigger! 
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  • At my last appointment at 29 weeks, I had already gained 30 lbs.. I have an appointment tomorrow (31 weeks) so I guess I'll see what the damage is! I'm guessing probably 35.. which means I've broken 200 lbs for the first time in my life lmao & I'm lovin' it!

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  • I'm up 32lbs at almost 30 weeks. But, I gained 65lbs with first and 45lbs with 2nd. So, I think I'm right on track to gain about what I gained with my 2nd.  It came off pretty easily with nursing and I am more of an exercise nut now than I was before, so I'm not too worried. 
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