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separation anxiety

my lo is almost 7 moths. ans she is fine playing on the floor when i am in the room. if i sneak ouut she is fine but after a while she realizes I am gone and cries. it is worse in the evening, she wants to be right by my side all evening. when do they grow out of this stage.

Re: separation anxiety

  • every baby is different. Usually a few months (when they get object permanence and realize you come back) and then it comes back in toddlerhood :)  Just keep giving her time to be independent and assuring her you come back.  Play peek a boo, etc.
  • Mine does this as well.  She won't let anyone else hold her either...she HATES my MIL.  Then again, so do I! I keep leaving the room, even if I just watch her so she gets used to be not giving in everytime she cries.  Everyone keeps saying she'll grow out of this, and I'm hoping she does.  Good luck!
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  • C is almost 8 months and still does it.  She's gotten somewhat better, but when she's tired, forget about it.  All she wants is me.  I love it and hate it at the same time. 

    Letting her crawl around on the floor in whatever room I'm in seems to help.  You get used to doing things one handed as well Smile  And like a pp said, playing peek a boo is a good way for them to learn you're not leaving forever.  There are moments when I hand her to H and just walk away so I can get things done.  She'll cry for a little while, but eventually she gets over it and plays with him.


  • DD is 8 months and I'm guilty for carrying her way too much. She won't even floor play while I am in the room. When my arm fatigues and I have to put her down, I'm just dealing with the screaming/wet hair/snot mess that I return too. I feel your pain, and let's hope they grow more independent!
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