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**Update on LegalPawn**

Hi January mamas! I'm popping over from March to give you an update on your lovely LegalPawn. At her appointment today, Maddie weighed in at 3 lbs- enough to stay put for now, but a decrease from 7th percentile to 3rd.

After being admitted to L&D for a 24-hour observation for concerns about her BP, protein in her urine, and possible pre-e, her OBs decided that it would be best if she stayed put in L&D til Madeleine comes in case the need arises for a quick delivery, which everyone hopes will be at at least 34 weeks (she's 31w5d today).

I'm sure she'll be here to update you all when she has a chance, but she wanted to pass along her latest news in the meantime. If you can spare any good vibes, thoughts, prayers- whatever you're into- that Maddie stays baking for a few more weeks, that would be great!

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