2nd Trimester

New to 2nd trimester, but still sooo tired!

Hi Girls, I'm in week 15, and I'm feeling so tired in the afternoons and nights after working all day. I get plenty of sleep at night. Several people have told me that I will get my energy back after tri 1, but I'm just as tired if not more. Is this normal? Thank you.
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Re: New to 2nd trimester, but still sooo tired!

  • I have been in my 2nd Trimester for over a week now and I'm still exhausted too.  I thought it was just me.  My sister is also pregnant (almost in her 3rd Trimester) and she said she got most of her energy back by mid-2nd trimester and that she had more energy on the days she ate healthier.  So ive started trying to change my diet, take my vitamins faithfully and get to sleep earlier.  Plus...it doesnt help most women like myself wake up 50x during the night to go to the bathroom.  Hopefully things will improve for you soon!  No worries though...cuz you're not alone.
  • I did not really get some energy back until about week 17-18.  I too started the second trimester super tired. Give it a few more weeks and you should start to feel better!
  • I'm glad to see this is more common. I feel like I've slept more this first few weeks of my second trimester than I have my entire first. I slept most of the day today and still feel like I could go to bed right now. I hope it turns around soon!
  • I too had the same problem. I switched prenatals and added more iron and vitamin D. Seems to have done the trick! I felt better almost immediately!
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