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Anyone gone back to work?

I go back to work on Thursday and work Thursday/Fridays through the end of the month (DH's days off) then in December I go back to work full time. I tried a "practice" day away from babies and made it 4 hours before I was a wreck and said "I dont need a mani/pedi I'm going home to babies."

If you've gone back to work, how was it? If you haven't what are you planning to do to make the BTW transition easier on mommy?

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Re: Anyone gone back to work?

  • It totally sucked!  I went back last Wednesday and decided to do 1/2 days to transition in.  I definitely cried.  DH bought me a digital picture frame so I have my boy by me always and his mom, who is taking care of LO, is texting me pictures of LO every day.  Let me tell you the end of the day when I pick him up is the best.
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  • I am going back at ten weeks so I have six more to go. I am truly worried about this. I am a teacher in an area that its not easy to find teaching jobs, so I can not just walk away, but belive me when I say I have been thinking about walking away. My husband will be with the LO for a few weeks and then I have christmas break for a few weeks so all together we will make it like 31/2 months before childcare will kick in. I am already feeling guilty and terrible about it. I have become in love with breastfeeding and being close. I will continue with co-sleeping so that we can reconnect in the night but I am truly a mess about this. I have been thinking that I will try to get any errands done during my lunch break so that we can have all the bonding time we need in the evenings. I am sure I will be a hot mess the first long day.
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  • I am going back the week btw Christmas and New Years part time that week. Daycare is at work and it will be slow, so I will drop in to see her.
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    I know that it is going to kill me when I go back to work at the beginning of January. I am planning on building up to it. I already had my mom watch her for 2 hours last night so that DH and I could go out to dinner. It felt like it took forever to get our food and then to get the check. In December, we're staying overnight at a hotel while his parents watch her overnight. I have already been nervous about that.  Going BTW is definitely going to suck.

    You are way brave! I said I *might* consider something like this around Valentines...maybe. I know that they'd be perfectly fine, its me I'm worried about...

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  • Sadly, I do not have maternity leave at my job as I work for a very small employer and we do not qualify for FMLA and I only get 2 weeks vacation/year.  We also cannot afford to have me miss much time at work.  You girls are going to think I'm crazy, but I had my son on a Friday and was back to work the following Tuesday part time.  They allowed me to come and go as I pleased (and still do somewhat) and I only live 6 miles away from work.  I will work part time for the next couple weeks and then be back full time when he's about 5-6 weeks old, so I can hopefully stretch out my vacation hours to help cover some of the hours I'm short.

     My mom actually lives right in between work and home, so I drop him off there on my way in.  She absolutely adores him and I know he's in good hands, so I have no anxiety about leaving him.  I usually call/text her a couple times to make sure all is well and she doesn't need anything else.

    I go home for lunch and pump and usually try to swing over to visit with him for a couple minutes before I head back to work.  It makes for a crazy day of running, but it's what we have to do to make ends meet.

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