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First Thanksgiving?-Ugh

If it is your LO's First Thanksgiving, what are you doing?  My families options are:  

1.  Have both sets of families at our house.  

2.  Go to my in-laws' house and then have my parents come visit during the weekend.  

3.  Go to my parents' house and then have a second Thanksgiving on Saturday at my in-laws'.

Not much time left to decide but right now all of the options are sounding terrible to me.

If everyone comes to our house, there will be 11 adults, 1 visiting dog, and 1 baby and I will need to clean the dishes and the house before and after, like I don't have enough to do with an 11 month old running around.  And if we go elsewhere, we feel bad for the other family and also would just like a little time to ourselves for once because it seems like we are always visiting or being visited.  


So just curious what everyone else is doing or if anyone has any tips, if this is your second little one or based on your own plans.  Thanks for any ideas and sorry for complaining! 

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Re: First Thanksgiving?-Ugh

  • My mom and my in-laws normally do their Thanksgiving dinners at different times of the day so we go to both. It's not the most ideal situation but it makes everyone happy. I'm not sure if this is an option for you. Good luck!
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  • This thanksgiving will just be Bell and I. H is deployed and I already paid for a $600 plane ticket to visit our family next month so I can't afford to go thanksgiving too ):

    I wouldn't mind having dinner at my house, but if you do talk to your parents and ILs to see which worked best for them. If you spend thanksgiving with one, spend next year with the other. If that still doesn't work, maybe one brunch and one dinner? I don't know. Good luck!



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  • We do every other Thanksgiving at our house and both sets of parents come to us plus my SIL and my brother.  My IL's have two dogs and we have two dogs so it gets crowded!  I do all the cooking (because I love to cook and menu plan) and everyone else cleans.  All of the visiting adults play with Liam while I'm in the kitchen.  It's busy but it works out.

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  • My parents always do Thanksgiving dinner at their house. So we will be going over to celebrate with them. Because we have my MIL close to us this year (she used to live in Utah) we will go to her house for dessert since my parents dinner is usually more like a late lunch.
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  • We usually alternate years visiting with my parents and the ILs, but this year my Mom decided to host her side's Thanksgiving on Saturday so that everyone could come.  And while I wish we could do low-key holiday's with just us, I've pretty much resigned to not having one for a realllly long time (each of our mothers is 1 of 5, and they ALL get together).

    I'm not trying to sound snarky, but if you host Thanksgiving and have 11 adults, would they really leave all of the clean-up to you??

    If you don't want to host (which I totally understand), maybe you could spend Thanksgiving Day with the side that has the most family (ie: the most people who want to see DS), and visit the other side on Saturday?

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  • We switch off families each year. So this year is my Moms turn, then next year we'll be with my Mother-in-law. Seriously it's so awesome. We only have to go to one house and we can relax and each dinner w/o having to worry about rushing off to another house. 
  • Me and LO are going OOT to my parents house for the whole week. H will be OOT hunting and DS1 will be with his dad OOT. So.... going to my parents was our best choice and im excited about it.

    bottom line is... do what YOU want!

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  • We live about 10 minutes away from both sets of parens, so we usually have Thanksgiving for lunch at one house, then dinner at another. If I were you, I'd spend Thanksgiving with one family, and Christmas with another. It's not fair to make the Holidays miserable for you and your family, don't let them do that to you.
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  • We would never think of doing a combined holiday with both families in the same place... that sounds terrible...

    We're doing the same thing we did pre-baby... Thanksgiving day at my parents' house about 45 minutes away, then heading up to my in-laws' house super late Thanksgiving night or super early Friday morning to stay the rest of the weekend (they live three hours away). Sounds busy, but it's actually really enjoyable (especially now that everyone's getting along really well).

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  • We are having both families here. And some friends. So 10 adults, and 6 kids (all girls). I am using paper plates, and each "group" is bringing something that I assign. There will be a lot of wine contributed by father in law, and that will make it all go well :)

    So if you assign some tasks to others, that would help. Most people are very glad to help!

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  • This year Thanksgiving will me at my parents' though it's typically at my aunt/uncle's but they're having work done on their kitchen. So we'll just be there. My ILs live far away so it's a non-issue (thank goodness). My sister usually goes to her ILs for dinner and says she'll stop by for dessert but never does (she's got 3 kids so I know it's a bit of a handful). I'm wondering if it will be different this year since it's at my parents' house.

    I think if my ILs lived really close, we'd do dinner at one house/dessert at the other but alternate each year (so one year dinner with my fam, dessert with his, next year dinner with his fam, dessert with mine). That's more because I hate not seeing my family on a holiday so I'd make it work somehow. Though I do like the idea of one dinner on Thursday and one on Friday/Saturday because that way you can really enjoy two Thanksgiving meals!!  :)

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