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Hurry up and wait!

It seems to be the theme for everything with my husband and his pcsing and tdys and training. I recently found out we are expecting our first and we dont even have orders to our next base. He just finished up his training here and he gets mad at me everytime i ask about orders. Ive been a military brat with my parents in and now a military wife, so i know better than to pesster about work things but its so hard when i want to move and we have no answers. any suggestion on how to approach the topics without sounding naggy? Thanks!

Re: Hurry up and wait!

  • Well, as you know, pestering him about it will not speed up his orders.  I would say just tell him "Please let me know as soon as you get your orders, I am dying to know what is going on", and then leave it at that.  I am sure your husband will tell you as soon as he gets them, but he can't give you info he doesn't have.  He is probably just as anxious, but he can't go around complaining and pestering people at work about it, unless he wants to get a bad reputation.  


    Try to be supportive and patient....I know it is hard.  Good Luck 

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  • I have no advice other than to tell you it could be worse. DH's orders didn't come through until 3 days before his start date, so he moved before we could. I had to move myself and DD at 7 months pregnant without his help. Thankfully, our movers were awesome, but man, it was a stressful whirlwind. Try to ease up off your DH. I bet he is anxious and irritated by the wait, too.
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  • Thanks, I know he is doing what he can. and youre absolutely correct it could be worse lol
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