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Need Advice my children are driving me crazy....

Sunday I will be 30 weeks..I Dont know what it feels like to sleep anymore(between going to the bathroom every 15 min and being wide awake for hours wishing I could fall asleep). Then if thats not enough to make me irritable my very active boys( 5 and 7 yrs) cant do anything without fighting with each other, then thats followed by them not wanting to mind- the 5 yr old being the worst at fit throwing, tantrums..Sometimes I could just pull my hair out and cry...I have tried everything, rewards, time spent with just me and them, im exhausted. Its gotten so bad sometimes I dread the afternoons when the will be home from school.

Re: Need Advice my children are driving me crazy....

  • oh I could have SO written this post except mine are 2 and 4...they NEVER stop smacking and hitting each other and the younger one can throw a tantrum like no other, he gives a new meaning to the terrible twos.

    I wish I had some great advice for you but unfortunately I have no idea how to make it stop, I have tried EVERYTHING...but at least I can commiserate with you.  What in the world will we do when our babies arrive?  I don't even want to think about it, HA!

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  • I love my boys so much and when they smile and say how much they love me, my heart melts. Not to mention when they are sleeping:) I hope once our sweet Alaina Beth is born my patience/ hormones will straighten out and I will have the light bulb moment and I will be able to deal with them better! But until then I guess I will just continue counting to 10 or 100 whichever is needed to keep me calm:)
  • I don't have children myself (this will be my first), but I've worked as a nanny.  Have you tried time outs in separate rooms when they fight each other?  Or if they are playing nicely (you have to catch them at it), give them lots of praise for it.

    However, they are old enough to be reasoned with.  You can explain to them how tired you've been and how you'd be appreciative if they behaved.  You can at the same time lay down the law and tell them what the consequences will be if they don't behave.  Time outs may be easier for you to impliment at this point, but use whatever works for you.  HTH

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  • Congratulations, I know you are so excited about your baby:) I have tried those things and with my 7 yr old they seemed to help, but with my 5 yr old didnt work so well unless he was in a co operative mood.. I think its time to revisit those suggestions with consistency:) thanks.
  • Me too.  Mine are only 3 and 4 (almost 5 though) and they are only in school 9 hours per week....they fight  A LOT.  They are constantly running around the house, throwing things, jumping on and off everything...boys are SO busy.  I try to get them out to a park almost everyday, or to an indoor play place, the Y...whatever I need to do, despite how tired I am, to TIRE THEM out for an hour or 2 per day, makes a big difference.  I won't lie and say it gets easier, these last few weeks have been SO rough, especially b/c my H doesn't even get home till after they are in bed, so it's all on me.  But there is an end in sight!
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  • I have 2 girls 4&2, thankfully they like to play together, they are just very hyper and I am very tired. So I do my best and try to keep up with them.

    They fight over toys and my oldest can be a little rough at times with her sister, but overall it is the lack of sleep thats killing me

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  • Try 3 chances and your out...meaning figure out what their most fav toy, game, TV shows...whatever is their most fav thing....and take it away! even if it is just for a few hours... if they continue the bad behavior take it away again but for a day..... or you can even have them "earn" it back by having them do a chore around the house. If that doesn't phase them....keep taking things or privledges away. I have even gone as far as saying no to a friends bday party, we showed up to give the gift and left. Lets just say it works wonders! Good luck! Each time you tell them they need to stop fighting etc...  remind them that was chance 1...2 etc and if you get to 3 then you will take away (xyz) what ever you decided to take away.
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  • P.S. This is also my first but was a Nanny for 12 years and this has worked for me with many diff families I was with in the past!
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