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I'm pregnant!!!!!

Hello everyone,


So we found out this week that I'm pregnant! I thought it was going to take forever!  This has been the craziest year! I have known my fiance for 7 years and we never spoke until last November and got together in December. It's funny how he was right under my nose!!! He is my godsons godfather LMFAO!!! We're getting married this December (10).

I'm 8 weeks and due on June 11, 2012.

I have had morning sickness none stop since last week. What do you guys recommend to reduce this? I literally have it all day and it's hard for me to even come to work since I'm here 8 hrs a day! I cant eat a thing yet when the morning sickness settles for a few minutes I'm starving but dont want to eat.

I need to find a OBGYN and have my first check up since finding out. Any tips on finding a good OB? I'm calling my insurance today for a local list. I pray everything turns out well becuase I have wanted this for YEARS! I didnt want to tell anyone but everyone has been wanting this for me also so i had to tell my entire family. I wanted to wait till after 3 months of being pregnant.


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Re: I'm pregnant!!!!!

  • Congrats!  I'm still trying to figure out the whole m/s thing.....nothing seems to work for me except hanging in there and praying for it to be over soon (not likely though since I had it for 7 mos. with DS) Just remember that if you don't eat it makes things worse too.  So eat something small like a few nuts or crackers. 
  • I have read some posts where some women say that they have like prego pops at baby's r us and IDK if anywhere else but some say they work! Also some kind of band that I think goes around your wrist... maybe someone will post exactly what the band is cause Im not sure! Congratulations btw, that is very exciting news!!! It's funny how things work out, and very cute yall are both godparents to the same kiddo!!!

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