High-Risk Pregnancy


Hello all. Sorry for popping up; I have (was) been very busy and getting as million things done until recently. 

We were already dealing with high-risk; Stepson was born with multiple heart defects, so we've been doing fairly close cardiac monitoring throughout this pregnancy.


THEN I GOT DIAGNOSED WITH OBSTETRICAL CHOLESTASIS. Any fellow bumpies who can share in this misery? OR who have found anything that relieves the symptoms?


Misery here, counting down the days.


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Re: Cholestasis

  • i had it with my first, now again with #2. this time is much worse. i have to be transfered to a more high risk hospital. :/ it's absolutely miserable. my doctor suggested benadryl, even though it didn't help with my first, i might give it a shot. keep cool and wear loose clothes/none... most clothes are my enemy now ;) 

    sorry i can't help, it's pretty unbearable 

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  • I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but my sister had it with all 4 of her pregnancies.  I just wanted to offer *HUGS* because I know how miserable she was with it.  I hope you're able to find some relief!
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