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Received unexpected gifts, need ideas to show gratitude...?

I know this will sound lame and Im sorry....
So far I have had 2 co-wokrers and a friend give me something super special. At my job I deal with a lot of techs. Im the admin and I have always believed in treating them as human beings as opposed to the supervisors....
So I have a lot of techs that are super nice to me,
Tech #1 his wife had their baby, and 2 days later he brings me a blankie she made for me <3 awww
Tech #2 single father brought me a gift bag full of clothes and lil things awwww <3
And a friend of mine gave me a bunch of her baby stuff...NICE STUFF!  Baby swing with MP3 plug, baby bath tup thingy, diaper genie, and a bouncy swing thingy.
So I really want to do something nice for them all, but besides a thank you card or a personal thank you...which I have already done... what else can I do?


Re: Received unexpected gifts, need ideas to show gratitude...?

  • Maybe you could bake them something or if you don't bake maybe get them a nice box of chocolates from a good chocolate shop in town, if you knit you could knit them a scarf or mittens for the winter if you live somewhere cold.  If they like wine maybe a decent bottle and candy/nuts to go with it.  Sounds like you have some nice thoughtful coworkers.

  • Maybe bring in or order a cookie platter or fruit platter or bring in bagels for breakfast?
  • Those are some very thoughtful gifts you got!  For the men, find out what their fave beverage is (beer, wine, coffee, etc.) and give them that with something else to compliment it.  For your other friend, would it be possible for you two to enjoy a pedi or something together?


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  • I agree with baking something. I have seen Christmas/Thanksgiving bread pans that are really cute, and then you just cook the bread in that, and give them the bread in the pan, and they keep the pan. Do something like pumpkin bread or something like that?
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  • I'm sending some people a small Christmas center piece (close to Christmas) as a thank you for things they have done for me and baby. Or I might send a Christmas wreath for their door.

    Now if these people don't celebrate Christmas that wouldn't work, and for th single guy it might not work. For him, I would probably give him a nice bottle of wine.

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  • THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! These are WONDERFUL suggestions!! I will definitely follow through. Yay!!
    Thanks again Big Smile

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