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Telling family

So I need some advice. My fiancee an  I are getting married in March, I'm 18 and he's 24, we wanted to start our family so we ttc, it worked the first try. We're both really excited and can't wait. I'm just not to sure to tell my parents. Any help with telling family? Oh and my parents live in Florida and we live in Michigan. Please help me

Re: Telling family

  • Not sure because of their reaction or you want ideas to tell them?  Are you thinking they wont be happy for you?
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  • Is it because you want to tell them in person? I'm kind of in a similar situation. I want to tell my mom in person, but we can't go home until Christmas and I don't want to wait til Christmas to tell her. Have you thought about skype? Even if you are young, I'm sure they will be excited for you.

    They might be a bit shocked at first, but they will come around to it. Best of luck to you! 

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