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Tired and pained...anyone else?

I swore I'd never be one of those women that complained about being pregnant or the related side effects. I was never going to use being pregnant as an excuse to not do what I would normally do (other than things that are unsafe).

I'm now one of those women and it upsets me. I'm 29 and I've wanted to have a baby for as long as I can remember. I'd been trying with my first husband and found out we couldn't have children (a blessing in disguise), so now I'm absolutely ecstatic that my second husband and I are expecting. So I swore to myself I'd never complain because there are women out there that would give up their arms and legs to be in my shoes. I used to be one of them.

Lately I've been moving so slow, I've been so tired (throught the whole pregnancy, and now it hurts to do anything but just lay on my side. The pain while walking is particularly discouraging. Last night, by the time I sat on the couch I was actually crying. I only do that when I'm just so tired I can't cope with whatever is going on (which at the time was pain). I doubt that what I'm feeling is anything compared to labor because the pain is tolerable when I'm rested. I think it's just the persistence of it that gets me down and knowing that I still have about 8 weeks left.

Has anyone else been dealing with this (particularly the guilt for complaining/not being able to do what you used to do)?

Re: Tired and pained...anyone else?

  • I am kind of with you...I am 38 weeks not in pain, but totally impatient and want to have this baby so badly. 
  • I've been pretty good about not complaining to anyone but my husband. But, I still feel super guilty about complaining to him. I mean he has to put up with me every day as it is. The truth is though that pregnancy is hard on your body (even if we are built for it) and some people handle it better than others. My Momma had 5 of us and she said each time it was different. It was a hard pregnancy with me, but two of my brother's were super easy. So, I wouldn't feel too guilty. Just take care of yourself and I don't think there is anything wrong with using the pregnancy card every once in a while.   Give yourself a break. :) 

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  • Same here... I want her to stay until she is fully ready but boy I cant wait on the other hand also to get back to NORMAL....hang in there and good luck 
  • I have had a super easy pregnancy...up until now.  I am getting really impatient and I have two more months to go!  I am having to cut way back on my running (shin splints) and am tired a lot more easily.  I dont sleep well, which means I am more and more tired.  Everyday at work seems to DRAG on and then I get home and I feel like I am being pulled in a gazillion directions.  All I want to do right now is lay on my side and sleep!  So yea, I totally feel your pain and I hate being that person as well.
  • There have been some nights where I have honestly just cried to DH especially a few months ago, the baby wouldn?t stop hitting my sciatic nerve and it hurt to do anything The other day, a girl I have never spoken to in my life walked up to me in class and asked how I was feeling, I honestly just wanted to punch her in the face, and ask her how she thought I was feeling, instead I just smiled and said, ?as big as a house, but still pretty good.? It is ok to feel guilty, I know for me personally I feel like it makes me seem like a bad mom, or that I don?t want this. I love being pregnant, but there are just some days where I feel gross, and sometimes everything hurts I just have to remember that most women go through it. Some days I feel like it takes everything in me power to still put a smile on my face and show myself to the world. I guess just remember the wonderful life you have helped create, and remember soon you will have a little one to hold, and snuggle with, and all the pain is well worth every moment of it.   
  • I don't complain, but only bc i don't have anyone to complain to, except the doctor:(  But i do feel really guilty that I can't do all the things i want to do with my kiddos and just run short on patience and energy...I don't like to complain, but it would be nice if i could, so don't feel bad, you are not going to believe how fast you forget about that after you have a sweet little one in your arms:)


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  • I'm at 31 weeks & I know exactly how you feel and anytime I say something to my mom or anyone else that has had children they say the same thing, "Just wait it gets worse!" How can it get worse? With the extra 37lbs, not being able to breathe & finding no comfortable way to even sit?? This is my first & I feel horrible for complaining so I hold in but it only makes it worse.. They say you forget all about this process when you're thinking of your second one but I doubt I'll ever be able to forget the struggle for 9 months! All I want to do is sit on the couch & not move for 9 more weeks!!!
  • I understand that pregnancy is a blessing and I am very grateful that I am preganant and will soon have my son, but I am so tired and just want to rest until his due date. If I had enough sick or vacation time at work I would stop working right now because I am in so much discomfort. I just need these last weeks to fly by.
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  • I don't have a hard job and it is not stressful All the time but I would much rather spend the rest of this pregnancy at home.  This LO is starting to  hurt my ribcage and I'm constantly short of breath while sitting at desk.  I don't have the type of job where getting up each hour to take a stroll and open up my lungs is looked at favorably.  But I have to.   I'm so glad that I have you ladies to talk to about my pregnancy everyday because if I didn't I might go crazy!  I have completely stopped talking about my symptoms to people that are currently not pregnant and haven't been pregnant in years.  I have come to realize that every women is different and we all carry our babies differently.
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  • While a part of me thinks i should censor my complaints at the risk of seeming ungrateful for this amazing gift of carrying life, I remind myself of this:

    As grateful as we are for the babies in our bellies, PREGNANCY IS HARD on the body.  Even when you're having an "easy" pregnancy, it's still hard.  Things hurt, or make us feel sick, etc.  A little complaint every now and then, in appropriate company, is fine.  I keep it to myself mostly when in the presence of someone I know is having trouble with/unable to conceive.  I remind myself that it took a while for us to conceive, and there were times when I prayed for the awful nausea that might mean I was finally pregnant.  But with my spouse, or close girlfriends who have already been through pregnancy, I let it out.  You have to. 

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