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 Had my growth U/S yesterday because I was measuring 2 wks ahead. Baby is normal size for 36 wks. Yay. However is he breech. boo.  I'm not into trying a version because of the risks.  Any other suggestions?  Ive heard of the spinningbabies site, but havent checked it out yet.  Another U/S next week and if he hasnt turned will have a csec the week of Thanksgiving. My dr suggested walking and laying flat everyonce in while. ( however I tend to start to pass out when i lay on my back in any form.. its a condition I cant spell or say HaHa! ...and When I walk I start contracting  was on orders not to be walking around much for the past month...and she "prefers" i dont go into labor early..so is walking really any option? Confused!) Any other suggestions are welcome! Smile

Re: breech

  • I'm not sure how true this is, but my prenatal yoga instructor mentioned once that hip circles can often get a baby to get into the right position. The way we did it was with feet more than hip-width apart, and then slowly moving the hips around in a big circle. We also did something similar while on all fours, but I think that was more to stretch out the hips and pelvis to maintain flexibility.  It's worth a try though, as long as it doesn't trigger contractions for you.
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  • I've heard acupuncture can work wonders. My acupuncturist claims to have a 100% success rate getting babies to turn at 36 weeks or earlier (I think it takes a few sessions, so the further along, the harder). Might be worth a try.

    If nothing else though, I had a c-section for a breech baby that turned at 38 week, and it was a great experience. Either way, you guys will do great!

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  • image CaliC11:
     . ( however I tend to start to pass out when i lay on my back in any form.. its a condition I cant spell or say HaHa! ...]

     I can say this and even spell it..after I remembered what it was  called  " Supine hypotensive syndrome " just an fyi

  • A few things to do on your own: pelvic rocks, taylor sitting, prenatal yoga (you can get a DVD & just do slow stretches if it's too intense for your body right now), go to a long movie with your husband and sit upright, cross-legged while enjoying some juice/carby things

    I wouldn't say lay flat on your back (so uncomfortable!) but how about on your left side?

    To do with a professional: massage

    Some kooky suggestions that can't hurt: sit upright in a 2/3 full bath, keep stimuli (like light & sound) on the lower part of your belly and put something cold on the top


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  • I'm doing accupuncture too. Twice a week, then I have a Moxa stick I use at home on the other days. My accupunturist has had a great success rate too. I'll find out next week if it worked!
  • I am in the same boat- just 3 weeks behind you.  At my last appointment, my doctor recommended getting on my hands and knees to mop the floor- she said something about this position tends to encourage them to flip- she swears it has worked for a good number of her patients in the past.  Now, my only concern is making sure he is home when I try this so that someone can get me up off the floor!
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  • Our LO is breech too, but I don't plan on scheduling a c/s until I absolutely have to. I'm thinking 40 weeks at least. I've known heaps of friends/family whose babies have flipped a week before their due date, or even on the day of.

    I've been spending alot of time on my hands and knees at my midwifes suggestion. It is not particularly comfortable, however if you use cushions and read a book or magazine, that helps.

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  • My baby was breech at 38 weeks and I was scheduled for a c-section today but when I went in they did an ultrasound and he did a flip and is head down now. I didn't think there would be enough room but I guess so! I know what night he flipped too because he was moving like crazy! It kinda sucks because I could be holding my baby right now but I'm so happy I never had to have a c-section :)

    I did some of the things they suggested on spinningbabies.com and played music on my lower abdomen and also I read that if you shine a small light on your lower abdomen the baby might be interested in it and make their way down there. Something I did must have worked.

    Good luck!

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  • oh yes I forgot to add that I was supposed to go for a version on Monday and decided not 2. I didn't wanna force the little guy to go into a position he didn't want to be in. I just did my own thing without forcing him and it worked
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  • Sorry, I'm a total (not-pg!!) lurker but had to share my story just in case you come back and read this.

    With my son, he flipped to breech at 37w. I was hoping for a natural birth so it was devastating to me.  I had been monitored for a clot on my placenta since 20w so a version was out of the question. A friend told me about using peppermint essential oil, that i had worked for a couple people she knew. I was trying everything else so I was willing to give it a try.

    I got a bottle at The Vitamin Shoppe and at night before I went to bed, I rubbed a couple drops of it on my upper belly, where babies head is. Apparently, they can smell it and don't like it and will try to turn away from it. Sounds crazy, but after days of trying all the other tricks, I tried the oil and the next morning he had flipped!! I kept putting the oil on my upper belly just help convince him not to wander back up that way :) I went on to be induced at 41w6d. 

    Good luck! 

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