3rd Trimester


Tuesday it was discovered I have an UTI, the baby had dropped (significant change in measurement from Friday), and Dr released me from bed rest after 5 weeks. Had an ultrasound Tuesday evening just to make sure measurement changes were not a sign of any problems as I have been on the smaller side of average throughout. Wednesday I spent most of the day catching up laundry and cleaning stuff that husbands don't notice. I also made several freezer meals. Since I was having an increase in contractions I decided to go walk the mall for about 30 min late in the evening.

After all that my ankles and feet were swollen. I figured that is normal since this is the most activity I've had in a month. DH rubbed my feet while I laid on my left side before bed and they seemed to get better. Now my hands are extremely swollen after sleeping on my left side for a few hours. I was wearing my wedding ring yesterday and now I can't even get it past the middle of my finger. Is this still normal? I didn't know if it would be so much so fast.


Re: swelling

  • My hands are usually moderately swollen when I wake up. It happens every morning and goes away within an hour of waking so I don't think anything of it. I'm not sure if it is "normal," but that's been my experience since I entered the third trimester. 
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  • :( awe bless your heart :(  sounds rough. My ankles have been swollen for the past month even though I keep my feet elevated while at the office...I dont get up unless I have to go tinkle. The get really bad when I do chores at home, cleaning cookinglaundry... my feet are spoiled from being propped up all day at work lol
    I hope your swelling goes down soon.
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