3rd Trimester

To those of you with you belly button pierced

Did you have to take out your ring?  If so, did you put anything else back in or were you able to just leave the ring out?  My DH keeps telling me that I can stick fishing line in there, which I keep insisting will not work.


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Re: To those of you with you belly button pierced

  • The only time I have to take it off is for sonograms and when you go into labor.  The first time around, I put back the ring the next day and plan to do the same now.

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  • I took mine out a few years ago so I don't have any practical knowledge here.

    Looking at my holes now they are 1" apart from eachother, I can't imagine that a regular piercing hoop would fit through it without stretching the hole. I'd think you'd want to put something else in while you were pg, like one of those larger bar bells that more flat?

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  • I don't have mine pierced but I have heard the fishing line thing several times from other people. My SIL kept hers in the whole time, she just had to get a really long flexible pregnancy bar.
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  • I eventually had to take mine out once I got bigger. I plan on putting it back in after if it hasn't closed up. There are pregnancy belly rings you get buy online that are long and flexible. I just never bothered getting one.
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  • I took mine out. I have had it for 11 years though so I know it wont close. They sale maternity belly rings that are made of bendable plastic. I would get one of those if you want to keep it in.

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  • I have a pregnancy belly ring, and yes, it's made from flexible plastic, and the balls are also made of plastic (atleast on this one, they are) I've not had a problem as far as having to take it out for any procedures, but I'm sure I'm going to have to for delivery, even though it's not metal. It's about twice as long as a regular barbell, and totally bendy. I started wearing it around 20 weeks, which is when my piercing location started pinching from the ball being squished into it. 

    You can purchase them at any body jewelry shop, amazon, online, or wherever. I got mine for $5. Totally worth it.

    I've also heard fishing line works, but I'd assume you'd need to use really heavy line. I've seen some pregnancy rings that that's essentially what they are, really heavy fishing line with a charm on the end. Like these:

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  • image marisol&alan:

    The only time I have to take it off is for sonograms and when you go into labor.  The first time around, I put back the ring the next day and plan to do the same now.

    I will add that I did get a flexible belly ring during my first pregnancy and it irritated the crap out of my belly, so I put back my original (which is a 14k ring and it's a long bar also). Also, my belly never became an outie...it stayed as an innie.

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  • I went out and bought a couple plastic flexible barbells. Have left them in so far. And only had to take it out once at an ultra sound. Last week's actually, since baby's butt is right there!
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  • I took mine out shortly before being pregnant with DD1 - but they sell specific belly button "bars" for pregnant women. It's basically like a silicon bar (so that it's super flexible and soft so that it's comfortable) that is extra long with a ball on each end. I'd say look into that.
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  • I left in my regular barbell until about 20 weeks and then got a couple of maternity barbells. The first ones I got cost about 10 a piece and had little crystals in them that fell out. I suggest the simple bars, the more flexible the better, not all of the plastic ones are very bendy. The second ones I bought were the basic plastic ones and I've kept them in so far, but since hitting 38 weeks it's been very unpleasant to bump into it. Here is where I got mine.


  • when we first found out i was pregnant i took mine out and it ended up closing up enough that i couldn't get a ring back in there which was ok with me but then i was sad i took it out... well i'm 33 weeks now and it's stretched back out enough that i can fit the ring back in!!! so i'm just leaving it out and after i have the baby putting a ring in :p  its amazing what happens to skin when it's so stretched out by the baby!
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  • I still have mine.  I told my doctor early on I could not get the ball the release so I could remove it.  I told him, if he needed it out.  He could cut it.  So far, he has said nothing.  I will be 33 weeks tomorrow.  I use it as my "how big am I now" I use to be able to look down and see it, but not any more.  I still have an normal "inni" belly button.   I have a feeling as I get bigger my doctor will eventually take out, but who knows. 
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