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Snacks for labor/or afterwards?

At our birthing class they mentioned I could have ice chips or popiscles while in labor. I was thinking about getting some lollipops or something. Not sure what all/or if I should bring anything post labor.

Anyone bringing snacks to the hospital?

ETA: to clarify :)

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Re: Snacks for labor/or afterwards?

  • I might bring some popsicles if that's all they'll let me have during labor, but otherwise I'm just bringing stuff for after (in case the cafeteria is closed by the time I deliver).  Things like PB crackers, graham crackers, goldfish, and applesauce.
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  • Hmmmm, I haven't really thought about this.  I'm planning on laboring at home as much as possible, so I guess whatever I stock up on there I'll bring with me.  I don't know if they'll allow me to eat or not, but I'll probably bring something just in case.  Maybe granola bars, trail mix....I don't know what else.

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  • I'm bringing real snacks.  I have too many food allergies/intolerances (soy, dairy, nuts) to safely rely on the hospital cafe, etc.  I'm planning on some applesauce cups and plain crackers.  Some women get nauseated during labor, while others feel starving.  It varies greatly.

    Every hospital has different policies.  Mine allows snacks and regular food during labor unless you're high risk/ planning on a C-section. 

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  • I'm planning on laboring at home for as long as possible. I know once I get to the hospital I can only have clear liquids. 

    I'm packing some granola bars, crackers, and nuts for DH to munch on and for me to snack on afterwards. 

    I'd bring something for yourself for afterwards. I learned from my L&D stint that it can take a while for food to get to you once you've ordered it, and that when you're starving, waiting 45 minutes to get something to eat seems like an eternity.  

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  • I will pack some granola bar, graham cracker, chip type snacks for my bag.  I don't care if DH eats in front of me.  I'm sure he'll be hungry.  I wasn't hungry with DD and I was induced at 6am and didn't have her until 4pm. 

    However, depending on the time I deliver, afterwards, I am going to ask someone to pick me up something other than hospital food!  Last time DH ran out around 8pm to get me an Applebee's Chicken Fajita Roll-up!  Hopefully now that the IL's live closer, we can have them pick something yummy up for us. 


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  • I made my sisters go get me taco bell after I delivered...I was starving and it was the only place open that late at night, it was delicious BTW  
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  • We had food for during, but I went so fast I never ate anything. This time I am ordering a cheese plate (our hospital's food is pretty good) when I get admitted to have after L&D. My midwife had recommended it the first time but I was too distracted, so after delivery I had to wait about an hour for "real" food since that's the order processing time at our hospital and I was STARVED. You can order something up and have it brought to your room-our nurses were more than willing to store it in the fridge until after I had delivered.

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  • I will be having a c-section, and so far it is scheduled for 7:15am. I remember the hospital having great turkey sandwiches with chips and cookies. I can always eat, to the amazement of the staff and my dr. If not that, there is a great cheeseburger place or another great Philly Cheesesteak shop around the corner. 


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  • At our tour of the maternity section at the hospital, the nurse told us they allow any food in the room after the baby is born, and moms frequently order pizza to be delivered.  But during labor, I'm pretty sure I'm restricted to very light snacks and ice chips.  I'll take other snacks too for DH to have.

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  • Snacks are on my list of things to pack. I haven't made any big decisions on what yet though. I'm mainly focusing on things for DH so he doesn't have to leave me.
  • My labor picnic will include mostly fruits (apples, bananas, grapes, oranges), cheese & crackers, granola bars, flavored water packets, hot teas selection, splenda & stevia, Pudding/Jell-O cups, and now maybe popscicles because that sounds like a good idea.... I will probably not end up eating all this but I like to know it's there if I want it and I don't care for hospital food much.

    OMG I'm getting excited!

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  • I am bringing granola & cereal bars, trail mix, dried fruit & hard candy (not red).  If I have enough time to pack, I will bring a little cooler with hardboiled eggs & cheese sticks, too.  They have a fridge that we can use at the hospital.
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  • I can't remember what we brought for snacks with DD, but I do remember that I didn't eat anything during the whole thing, just drank water.  I had eaten a big dinner right before my water broke, and unfortunately threw it up once I started pushing.  I honestly don't remember being hungry at all mind was so focused on getting baby out, I think I forgot about it.  :)  
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  • we're told only liquids and ice chips. i'm packing other stuff though, if labor is anything like i am typically, i'll pass out from lack of food. 

    DH can eat whatever he wants, i really don't care. 

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  • We have our hospital tour tonight, so I am hoping to learn more about what they recommend then. We have a Tim Horton's in the hospital (I know, very Canadian), but it closes at 9 pm, so I am going to make sure to have snacks, too. DH doesn't really care about food, so I expect we'll have some water, juice, granola bars for him. I, on the other hand, love food, so will plan on not having anything during L&D besides water and ice chips (I think this is standard at our hospital). We brought McDonald's to our friends after they ahd their baby, so think they will do the same for us. For pretty soon after the baby is born I will make sure to have lots of fruit since that is what I have craved this whole pregnancy. I am also debating about champagne and orange juice (I love it!), but will wait and see if they say anything about booze at the hospital tonight.

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  • When in labour with DS 1, I probably should have eaten more. The problem was everything I tried to eat made me gag! This time I am going to bring a few "Boost" or "Ensure" shakes, so I can sip them slowly and hopefully I can keep them down for a little bit of nutrition/energy. May also try some kind of dried fruit, I don't know.. light sweet flavours seemed to be better than savoury. 

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  • Well this is baby #3, my 1st DD was born at 10pm so cafeteria was closed, my Dr snuck in someplace and got me ...juice :( I fell asleep from hunger lol
    my DD #2 was born lil after midnight and this Dr also snuck in someplace and got me 2 diff types of juices and some soup crackers like 3 pkts :(
    I learned my lesson.... I will stock up on snacks regardless if baby #3 is born while the cafeteria is open or not ;) I will not go hungry again  lol 
    Im loving the posicle idea :D but not sure I will have a freezer to store them :( I'll just stick to the ice... my mouth gets dry...dont really care to eat while in labor anyway.
    Good luck mommies!!
    OH YEAH.. my due date WAS Dec 5th... my doctor set me up to be induced on Nov 28th but she said she doesnt think I will make it that far :S ..... yikes!
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