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Anyone else still in shock...

I can't get over that I am pregnant with baby #3. I have done this three times so you would think I would not be shocked, it's not like I don't know how this happens. :) I wonder when the shock will wear off??
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Re: Anyone else still in shock...

  • I just found out today that I am pregnant with #2 and I am in shock as well...  With my first pregnancy I think I was pretty much in shock until I gave birth.  I hope it doesn't last as long with this one
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  • I'm hoping mine wears off by the time baby is here.  It doesn't help that I haven't had a dr appt yet and that the nausea disappeared.  I don't 'feel' pregnant and of course this one shows up after we technically stopped trying.  Dr's appt this week might make it real.....
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  • yes.

    This is child #2 and we only tried one time.. I know, it only takes one time, but I just expected it to take longer!

    Still shocked.


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  • Oh, for sure. I think I'm still in shock and denial a little. Like maybe the 12 tests I took were all wrong and somehow my happiness is going to be shattered. Hopefully after my first ultrasound it will feel a bit more real.
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  • I agree, you want to keep testing and know somehow that it's okay. I remember when we first found out and I saw online that you could buy your own u/s machine and I was like seriously who does that? Then you get this way and you start dreaming about crazy things like that. Personally I'm still waiting on the first u/s and I'm going nuts! I've known since 5wks and won't have an u/s till we're at 10wks. I need something so I can chill out!
  • I am still pretty shocked over here. I keep thinking that I read the test wrong or I had a false positive! DH and I can't remember finding time to be together in October ( we had a rough month between a death in the family and DS having surgery and getting hospitalized) and I know we must've used protection or else I would have been expecting this. So right now everything feels pretty surreal.


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  • Total shock and denial here. This is my first. And I try not to ever say this because I feel it offends the TTTCers, but October was our first month trying. I was already 10 days late before I even took a test because I thought there was no way. I stopped temping at 13dpo when I saw my temp come down gradually two days in a row since that's how my BBT always behaves right before my period. Silly me.
  • My DH and I are both in shock. This is our first one and we're both very responsible people and now we're scared we won't be able to do this financially. I'm about six weeks along and we're afraid to make it official to until the first official doctors appointment.
  • Umm...stunned.  I also don't want to stress out any TTC'ers but I charted for one month to get a baseline off BC and then got pregnant my 2nd month off BC.  My cycles have never been "regular" and reading TCOYF was a miracle for making sense of my body. I just never assumed this would click so easily. 

    1st doctors appt is Nov 14, we'll see how this goes.  Not telling anyone anything just in case. 

  • Complete shock!! What a Halloween! My appointment is Nov 8. Can't believe after 2 yrs TTC it came true!!
  • Me, whew... I don't think the shock will EVER go away until I finally see the baby's face.

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