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Does your newborn open their eyes?

I hadn't thought much about it until my husband brought it up tonight, our LO is 9 days old and was born at 36 weeks 4 days and he rarely opens his eyes even if the lights are dim or the room is dark.  Is this normal?

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Re: Does your newborn open their eyes?

  • Omg my LO was born at 35 weeks and she was the same way. It took about a month and she finally had them open all the time. I thought it was weird too because my friends child had her eyes open all the time! DH and I just think she thought she was still in the womb since she was an early bird :)
  • My LO was born 3 days after her due date, and had her eyes open from the second she came out. She's a very alert baby.. and very nebby! But I'm sure it's normal for some babies to not open their eyes as much. I wouldn't worry!
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  • DD was born at about 39 and a half weeks and she did open her eyes a bit when born but only a little bit, not wide. After a few weeks she looked a lot different and a lot more wide eyed and alert
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