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What is the concencus on inductions?  I'm really tired and honestly, in quite a bit of pain and have been for a few weeks now.  

 The doc said she was willing to do an induction at 39 weeks (I'm Due Nov 21st) if we really want it.  

What are the negatives to having her a lil early??

Plus, my bday is Nov 17th, so it would be nice to have them both the same week! 

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Re: Induction?

  • The negative is that if your body isn't ready, you have a much higher chance of a c-section. With my first, I was induced at 40 w 2 days, and I hadn't made any progress.  I was in pitocin labor for 2 days before giving in to the c/s.  It hurt like hell and recovery wasn't fun. 

    But to each his own, I guess... 

    Oh, and the tiredness doesn't magically go away when the baby comes out.  Newborns aren't known for great sleeping habits. 

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  • I personally would never, ever ask to be induced, unless there were a medical reason that made it absolutely necessary. Like PP said, your body is not ready. Their is a likelihood that your labor will be more intense and painful, due to the drugs; that you will need a c-section; that it could fail, and you'll go through all that pain and work for nothing.

    You would only be 1 week away from your due date. It might seem like forever, as tired as we all are, but seriously - it's one week. Try to stick it out.


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  • I had a medically necessary induction with my first.  I can't imagine asking to be induced, if not medically necessary, before my due date.  I was worried the whole time that I would end up with a c-section because it took 37 hours.  I was at 1-2 cm for about 12 hours with lots of pitocin.  Luckily LO was not in distress and they let me labor for a long time.  We did not have a section.
  • Of course there are down sides to having a baby early. But FWIW, The March of Dimes recommends having a baby no earlier than 39 weeks. The risks for L&D can include an increase in additional interventions besides the cervidil or pitocin that's used to get labor started (like forceps,vacuum or c/s). But every doctor has a different go-to procedure. I would ask your doctor to go into more detail with you.

    For the baby, he/she may have under developed lungs/liver. But being born at 39 weeks, the general risk of that is low unless your doctor has seen evidence of an under developed baby before then. Baby may also be too stressed by labor and then you may end up with a c/s (which is possible that could have happened with or without induction). My DD was born at 38 weeks on her own, and required no special treatments.

    I'm also facing an induction date at 39 weeks due to a lot of pain and complications with my back. Two weeks after I have baby, I'll be getting an MRI. I've been dealing with a lot of pain since 22 weeks so my OB is taking pitty on me. GL, I hope all of your questions are addressed and you feel comfortable doing what you have to do for you and for your baby.

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  • I am a week overdue (my ticker is wrong- I was due oct. 25th) and am getting induced tomorrow. I, too, was told that I could have gotten induced anytime after 39 weeks. I waited it out hoping my little guy would arrive on his own but he still hasn't.  I go in tomorrow (baby is in no distress but 41 weeks is ridiculous) and at this point I am kicking myself for not having them induce me two weeks ago. I'm hoping that since I held out for so long that maybe he won't be such a difficult birth...? We shall see.

    But no one knows how you feel- and if you feel like you are ready at 39 weeks, then be induced. At this point I wish I had.

    Good luck! 

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  • I am also due the 21st, but they have been watching me because I have been having pre-e symptoms, and today the my Dr. decided to start induction  tomorrow. I am not happy about even though I am miserable, but I know that it is best for me and baby. I would not asked to be induced if you had a choice.
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  • It's really up to you and you shouldn't let anyone make you feel bad about your choice. Obviously, if it were that risky a doctor would not preform an induction. The survival rate for infants born at 39 weeks is 99% with less than a 5% chance of serious medical complications. A lot of people will probably tell you horror stories about inductions but just remember that lots of people have very successful inductions as well. The last three people I know who have had children have all been induced prior to 39 weeks for various reasons and they were all completley successful and they have all told me that if offered I should go ahead with an induction (Not saying I would just because they said so just saying that they have first hand experience and recommend it, so it's not always bad.)

    Personally, I don't think my doctors will offer an induction prior to 41 weeks but if they do I would seriously consider it. 


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  • You baby is not ready. Period. The first step to being a good mom is putting their needs first. Induction is putting yours first. 
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  • negatives

    -a MUCH more painful labor. Normal contractions build slowly and you can adjust, Pitocin contractions are like 0 to 60, much more painful

    -more pain=need for meds=slower labor=increased risk of c-section

    -baby may not be ready to come out, so you may deal with immaturity/prematurity issues

    I honestly can't think of many good reasons for induction, other than pre-e, or another serious medical reason. Not "baby might be big", because late u/s is an estimate. And certainly not be cause you are done being pregnant!


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  • I just had a medically necessary induction and while I had a pretty good induction experience, I would never choose to be induced for a reason other than medically necessary. I would have rather gone into labor on my own.

    That far into pregnancy, EVERYONE is tired, sore, and "done"...but it doesn't mean your baby is.


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  • The biggest down side is, unless your body is favorable for induction, you have a much higher chance of having the induction fail and ending up with a c section. There is also a slightly higher risk of abruption and uterine rupture. 

     If your baby is truly at 39 weeks, the baby should be fine but, what if your dates are off? This baby may not be ready. 

    I think we're all tired and achy and "done". Unless you have some medical reason that makes it safer to have the baby on the outside than the inside, the biggest argument against it is that clearly your baby is NOT done. 

    My doctor has mentioned elective induction as well. I don't blame you for being tempted AT ALL. Lord knows I am too :) However, I agree with what a PP said about putting the baby's needs first.  

  • The negatives would be that your baby and body aren't neccesarily ready to be done being pregnant.  They are finding more and more out about how much brain development occurs in utero in the last few weeks and days of pregnancy.  No way I would want to interrupt that just because I didn't want to be pregnant anymore.  Also inductions have higher risks: C-section, uterine rupture, fetal distress, etc.

     You know that no matter what your pregnancy is nearly over right?  The most it can go on is probably 42 weeks, although it sounds like your doctor would induce before that anyway, but it will definitely be over soon no matter what.  It's not like if you don't get induced at 39 weeks you are going to be pregnant forever or something.  A couple extra days or weeks aren't going to hurt you and they will give your baby more time to develop,

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